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How Automatic Centrifuges Simplify Phosphate Baths

This white paper will address how: How PRAB’s Automatic Solid Bowl Centrifuge can benefit a phosphate bath operation How the correct centrifuge configuration can reduce downtime and lower expenses     Reduce Costs, Resource Consumption, and Downtime Spent Cleaning   By Tom Tripepi, Fluid Filtration Technical Director, PRAB     Introduction For operations dealing with phosphate baths, […]

Product Brochure: Magnetic Bag Filters

Download     Cost Effective, Reusable MagnetsRetain 198% Greater Containment Levels than Conventional Filter Bags The Mag Bag has a multi-polarity design to attract microscopic ferrous impurities along the entire length of the 12” or 24” magnetic bars. A multiple-magnet configuration provides a powerful sphere of influence while still maintaining high production flow rates. According to independent field studies, ferrous […]

Product Brochure: PRAB Pressurized Bag Filter Housing

Download     A Quality Filter Vessel for Lower Pressure Applications Description PRAB’s 100 PSI Size 1 and 2 liquid bag filter housings offer a quality filter vessel for lower pressure applications. The Size #1 & Size #2 100 PSI filter vessels effectively remove dirt, metal fines, chips, pipe scale and other contaminants from process liquids such as water, coolant, […]

Blog: Cast Iron Machining – Removing Graphite from Cutting Fluids

The graphite released from machining cast iron quickly fouls filtration media, preventing flow. The concentration of graphite particles, as well as the iron particles increases so that large amounts of sludge build up at the bottom of takes, lines and machine bases. To remove the sludge, production must be shut down for manual cleaning. In addition to the labor […]

Product Brochure: PRAB Industrial Water & Wastewater Treatment

Proven to Reduce Haul-Away Costs Up to 90% Separation Spectrum Whether you need to simply separate swarf from coolant, clean wash water for reuse, or achieve clarity acceptable to your local municipality, all PRAB equipment and systems are designed for your specific application. Find your application or separation process on the chart below.   Contact us […]

White Paper: Green Engineering

Green Engineering How to Design More Profit into the Metalworking Operation By Ron Chapman, Systems Sales Manager & Teresa Phillips, Senior Marketing Specialist, PRAB   Introduction The green movement is not a new concept. In fact, the basic principles were well-known throughout Europe in the medieval era. However, it was the Industrial Revolution in Europe that […]