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Health & Safety
Automating scrap transfer minimizes safety risks by decreasing forklift traffic and scrap contact with operators. Access platforms with safety railings on the load-out system are standard, meeting OSHA requirements.
Low Maintenance
PRAB conveyors have the industry’s leading reputation as being dependable low-maintenance equipment with long service lives. The load-out system provides no carryover issues, and has clean transfer of scrap to containers for low maintenance.
PRAB conveyors are built tough to withstand the harsh conditions and materials moved in the metalworking industry.
Load-out systems provide even container fill and automatic level sensors for maximum fill capacity. PRAB conveyors reduce downtime by automating the scrap transfer process- maximizing machine operator production time.

Quiet, efficient transfer of all types of machining scrap with the in-floor scrap conveyor.

Convey all types of metal chips, fines and turnings, wet or dry bushy wads and tramp metal solids, in a liquid-tight trough. Ideal for high-volume coolant-flow applications.

  • Compatible with bushy turnings, chips, fines and tramp metals
  • Liquid-tight construction handles high volumes of cutting fluids
  • In-floor installation maximizes available plant floor space
  • Low power requirement
  • Easy maintenance – one moving part
  • Quiet operation
  • Prefabricated trough sections from 10′ to 20′
  • Ram sections available in 10′ lengths
  • Overall runs up to 500′
  • Low installation cost per foot
  • Optional safety cover plates
  • Height by width combinations range from 16″ to 36″

Performantee |
In-Floor Trough Conveyors |

In-Floor trough conveyors are available as a free-floating ram design or guided ram scrap removal system.


In-Floor Trough Conveyor Ram Movement

In-Floor Trough Conveyor Ram Movement |
Trough Configurations

Available trough configurations for the PRAB In-Floor Trough Conveyors |


Harpoon® Conveyor

  • Free-floating ram design
  • AR liner

Push-Bar Conveyor

  • T-rail guided design
  • Hardened guide bushings with coiled spring spiral pins

PRAB Harpoon Conveyor

Harpoon Conveyor running moving metal turning through coolant.

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