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PRAB is here to ensure every hour of production with our equipment is optimized, so you can work more efficiently than ever, with no unplanned downtime and minimum operating cost. We put our equipment experts to work for you around the clock, so that you can stay running efficiently, in order to give your business the competitive advantage it deserves.

  • Call 24/7 at (800) 968-7722 with questions or concerns about our conveyors, scrap metal, industrial filtration, or industrial wastewater treatment equipment.
  • For Parts & Service support and services, call (800) 493-3462.

Service & Support for Your Long Equipment Life

Customized Managed Maintenance Programs: These programs help to proactively avoid component failures, major repairs and unplanned downtime from your chip processing, coolant recycling, water & wastewater treatment and fluid filtration equipment. Learn more >

24/7 Technical Support: Provides solutions to your scrap metal recycling process when you need them.

PRAB Performantee®: A true performance guarantee that ensures your PRAB equipment achieves the specific results it was designed and manufactured to deliver. Learn more >

Replacement parts: Orders and quotes for conveyors, scrap metal equipment and industrial fluid reclamation equipment.

Replacement fluid filter media: Orders and quotes on all replacement media. Learn more >

Service manuals: Operation and installation guides for all of our equipment and systems.

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The PRAB Performantee® is a true performance guarantee. We ensure that our scrap handling, coolant recycling, wastewater treatment and fluid filtration equipment will achieve the specific results for which it was designed and manufactured. If it does not, we will revise, repair or make whatever changes necessary to deliver the results you specified. If you have questions or concerns about the performance of your PRAB equipment, contact us anytime.


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