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Wastewater Sustainability through Innovative Treatment Technology

CHALLENGE Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems, LLC needed a wastewater treatment technology that would treat alkaline cleaner and alkaline cleaner rinse water. They use an RO System to treat the incoming city water to reduce the conductivity because high conductivity in the wash and rinse waters negatively effects the processing of parts after the washer. CUSTOMER Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems, LLC […]

PRAB Rinse Water Treatment System

CHALLENGE Tube-Mac Piping Technologies had been sending their piping components to an outside company to complete a zinc plating process just before the components were shipped or put into inventory. The logistics of sending the piping components out for plating was cumbersome, costly, and not up to the quality expectations of Tube-Mac management. After just one month, the components were […]

Ingersoll Tillage Enhances Workplace Safety and Increases Scrap Value with PRAB’s Horizontal Axis Crusher

ABOVE: Custom-built, three-station, PLC controlled lathe cell with integrated visually guided robotics.    Located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, the Ingersoll Tillage Group factory uses state-of-the-art, automated processes to produce 1.5 million agriculture and landscaping disc blades annually for the OEM agricultural manufacturing industry. Many of these are used by farmers to cut through last season’s crop residue, which […]

Metal Stamping Company Implements Successful Expansion Project in Partnership with PRAB Conveyors

CUSTOMER E&E Manufacturing INDUSTRY Manufacturing Industry PRODUCT Steel Belt Conveyor   E&E Manufacturing produces heavy gauge stamped metal fasteners, progressive die metal stampings, and high value added assemblies. With facilities in Plymouth, MI and Athens, TN, they serve a heavy industrial manufacturing customer base including Tier 1, Tier 2, and OEM’s in automotive, heavy truck, military and other […]

Aerospace Components Manufacturer Reduces its Environmental Impact and Cuts New Coolant Purchases by 75%

Challenge: Emptying the sumps of Koss Aerospace’s 26 machining centers was labor intensive and caused a lot of downtime. Their old system’s inability to handle this level of fluid resulted in foul odor and excessive haul-away costs. Solution PRAB’s Guardian™ Coolant Recycling System with Coolant Manager, Polishing Filter System and Dirty Transfer System Results: 75% savings on new coolant purchases. […]

Machining Company Achieves Considerable Cost, Space and Labor Savings with a PRAB Crusher/Wringer System

Download printable PDF   Anthony Screw Products Ltd. is a precision machining company located in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. The company utilizes automatic multi-spindle machines, CNC lathes and mills, and rotary transfer machines to produce a wide range of custom parts including mining, tank and hydraulic fittings, washers, nuts, bolts, pulley hubs, and speaker parts. The privately owned, family-run business began […]

Aerospace Components Manufacturer Turns Its Waste Stream into a Revenue Stream with a PRAB Dualpak Briquetter and Guardian Coolant Recycling System

A4 CHALLENGE With the combination of the briquetter and a crusher ahead of it, the company was able to efficiently and significantly reduce the bulk density of its scrap material. Instead of dumping the contents of the hopper directly into an outside container, the forklifts now deposited the scrap material into the briquetter, which uses dual compression […]

Cameron International Improves Profitability, Reduces New Coolant Purchases by Recycling Coolant with Guardian System

A4 CHALLENGE Petroleum flow equipment manufacturer needs to reduce the cost of purchasing expensive coolants, improve the quality of existing coolant to ensure longer tool life and a quality finish of the end product. CUSTOMER Cameron International INDUSTRY Petroleum Flow Equipment Manufacturer PRODUCT Guardian Coolant Recycling System   Business Benefits Realized Reduces new coolant purchases […]

Chip and Fluid Recovery at Mathews, Inc.

CHALLENGE Kalamazoo, Mich., July 20, 2014 – Featured in Modern Machine Shop Magazine. Mathews, Inc is a manufacturer of Bows and Archery Equipment. The company has been in business since 1992 starting with 26 people, growing to now over 400 full-time employees. Another recent expansion to a new 56,000 sq ft facility provided the added capacity necessary to […]

Ultrafiltration For Tumbling/Vibratory Deburring Applications

CHALLENGE Fabrication manufacturer has an issue with discharging tumbling water from two vibratory deburring systems. CUSTOMER Hartzell Manufacturing INDUSTRY Medical, Electronic and Bank Security PRODUCT Ultrafiltration System   Business Benefits Realized Saves water and reduces sewer costs Reduces the amount of chemical soap purchases Complies with environmental regulations Hartzell Manufacturing, an aluminum and zinc die caster, was having problems with […]