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Health & Safety
Automating scrap transfer minimizes safety risks by decreasing forklift traffic and scrap contact with operators.
Low Maintenance
PRAB conveyors have the industry’s leading reputation as being dependable low-maintenance equipment with long service lives. The In-floor trough conveyor offers no carryover issues, and only one moving part allowing for no operator involvement or contact with scrap.
PRAB conveyors are built tough to withstand the harsh conditions and materials moved in the metalworking industry.
PRAB’s load-out conveyor system provides even distribution of scrap into containers and maximizes container fill which leads to lower haul-away costs and get more value per container fill.

Load-out systems with shuttle conveyor maximizes scrap removal.

The PRAB shuttle conveyor load-out systems automate final load-out of stamping scrap, die scrap and machining scrap into large trailers or railcars to maximum container fill. Open frame construction provides personnel quick and safe access to carry over.

This scrap material conveyor features a traversing, bidirectional steel belt designed for final load-out of stamping and die scrap, as well as chip processing, into large trailers or railcars. The infeed conveyor and continuous back and forth operation provide even distribution into larger scrap containers where swivel chute systems would be inadequate.

Features and benefits of the PRAB Load-out system include:

  • Maximum container fill
  • Automatic level sensors provide visual alert when full
  • Access platforms with safety railings meeting OSHA requirements
  • Heavy-duty PRAB steel belting
  • Frames are supported on hardened rail track and steel wheels
  • Open frame construction for quick and safe access to carryover
  • 4 available chute options including Stationary, Enclosed/Pant Leg, Tilted and Orbital
  • Integral scales assure containers are full, but do not exceed road weight limits
  • Infeed conveyor controls can be interlocked with process
  • Indexing and timed operating options are available
  • Optional 6″ pitch heavy-duty open frame
  • Auto lube systems for automatic greasing of bearings.
Performantee | Prab.com
PRAB Enclosed or Pantleg Load-Out System with Shuttle Conveyor | Prab.com

Shuttle with Pant-Leg Chute

PRAB Orbital Load-Out System with Shuttle Conveyor | Prab.com

Orbital Design

Flip-Flop will be: Flip-Flop Diverter Chute | Prab.com

Flip-Flop Diverter Chute

Swivel with be: Swivel Chute | Prab.com

Swivel Chute

Shuttle Conveyor, Load-Out System – Installation Phase

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