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5 steps for improving waste stream processing – Aerospace Manufacturing Design

For an industry characterized by technological advancements, many aerospace manufacturers are slow to elevate waste management and recovery processes. Too often, these processes are considered secondary to production. That approach will gradually cut into an organization’s bottom line, as environmental compliance becomes more tightly regulated and the shift to the circular economy accelerates. Aerospace manufacturing facilities have the potential to […]

Solar project at wastewater plant; PRAB renews partnership; Dow wins award – Water Technology

The litany of problems and penalties associated with discharging industrial wastewater into sewage treatment systems is a constant concern for today’s industrial manufacturers. The environmental consequences of insufficient or improper wastewater treatment run the gamut from causing corrosion and other interference within those systems to the pass-through of toxic pollutants into surface waters. Add other issues to the mix — […]

PRAB releases Auto-Take Up conveyor enhancement – Waste Today

PRAB Inc., a manufacturer of equipment and systems for processing metal scrap that is based in Kalamazoo, Michigan, has released the Auto-Take Up System as a conveyor enhancement that automatically tightens belts and eliminates the need for manual adjustments. As chains on conveyance systems age, they stretch, which is one of the most common causes of premature belt wear and […]

Advanced fluid recycling systems cut waste – Today’s Motor Vehicles

Between the skilled labor shortage and the recent economic turmoil, manufacturers are constantly tasking employees with greater challenges, making it critical to identify opportunities that will allow them to run facilities as efficiently as possible. Proactively approaching operation improvements can have several long-term benefits, especially during challenging market conditions. One operational improvement to consider is streamlining cutting-fluid management with advanced, […]

Centralized Coolant Recycling System – Manufacturing News

“Successful coolant recycling requires three components: particulate removal, tramp oil removal and coolant concentration control,” said a PRAB spokesperson. “The Guardian Coolant Recycling System incorporates all three elements for maximum coolant life. This combination makes it the most efficient option for centralized recycling of metalworking cutting fluids.” The Value of Coolant Recycling “If one’s current process is labor intensive, requires […]

How Briquetters Maximize Processing Efficiency and Commodity Value – American Recycler

When demand is high for metal, injecting efficiencies into metal scrap recycling processes can create a definitive financial reward for metal scrap recyclers and machine shops alike. One pathway to realizing that reward? Briquetting metal scrap. How Briquetters Work Briquetting machines compress metal chips, loose turnings, and swarf to create compact, dense, uniform pucks that decrease metal scrap volume and […]

Managing Your Cutting Fluids – Canadian Metalworking

When machining, it is imperative that shops have a strong understanding of how to properly maintain their metalworking fluids. If they don’t, they run the risk of exposing employees to health risks, incurring avoidable costs, and hurting productivity with extended maintenance times. Here are a few fundamentals to keep in mind when managing metalworking fluids. Monitor Contaminant Buildup […]

6 Ways to improve profits – Aerospace Manufacturing and Design

When production is constrained due to circumstances beyond the control of manufacturers, decision-makers look for ways to cut costs to shore up the bottom line. Reviewing the company’s metal scrap processing is a good place to start. Here are six ways automated metal scrap processing solutions create a pathway for sustainable savings and higher prices from metal scrap recyclers. 1. […]

Five Ways Metalworking Fluid Recycling Equipment Delivers ROI – Fabricating and Metalworking

Finding new ways to reduce costs in metalworking is something every fabricator aspires to. Cutting fluid recycling equipment is proven to generate meaningful savings over time. With that in mind, let’s walk through five ways fluid recycling systems deliver ROI. Note: Many variables play a role in cutting fluid management. To create a baseline for the following ROI examples, the […]

Emphasize Conveyor Performance to Improve Productivity – Foundry Management & Technology

Improving conveyor operations is one way foundry managers have reduced cycle times, raised productivity, decreased downtime, and improved workplace safety. Notwithstanding, not all conveyors are engineered to deliver equal performance. Following are three aspects of conveyor design, construction, and capabilities that metalcasting operations should consider when pursuing conveyance enhancements. 1. Impact on productivity, efficiency. Without question, automated material handling equipment […]