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How Briquetters Maximize Processing Efficiency and Commodity Value – American Recycler

When demand is high for metal, injecting efficiencies into metal scrap recycling processes can create a definitive financial reward for metal scrap recyclers and machine shops alike. One pathway to realizing that reward? Briquetting metal scrap. How Briquetters Work Briquetting machines compress metal chips, loose turnings, and swarf to create compact, dense, uniform pucks that decrease metal scrap volume and […]

Managing Your Cutting Fluids – Canadian Metalworking

When machining, it is imperative that shops have a strong understanding of how to properly maintain their metalworking fluids. If they don’t, they run the risk of exposing employees to health risks, incurring avoidable costs, and hurting productivity with extended maintenance times. Here are a few fundamentals to keep in mind when managing metalworking fluids. Monitor Contaminant Buildup […]

6 Ways to improve profits – Aerospace Manufacturing and Design

When production is constrained due to circumstances beyond the control of manufacturers, decision-makers look for ways to cut costs to shore up the bottom line. Reviewing the company’s metal scrap processing is a good place to start. Here are six ways automated metal scrap processing solutions create a pathway for sustainable savings and higher prices from metal scrap recyclers. 1. […]

Five Ways Metalworking Fluid Recycling Equipment Delivers ROI – Fabricating and Metalworking

Finding new ways to reduce costs in metalworking is something every fabricator aspires to. Cutting fluid recycling equipment is proven to generate meaningful savings over time. With that in mind, let’s walk through five ways fluid recycling systems deliver ROI. Note: Many variables play a role in cutting fluid management. To create a baseline for the following ROI examples, the […]

Cutting Fluid Recycling Systems – Fabricating & Metalworking

Throughout the process of metalworking and parts manufacturing, the sheer number of processes and moving parts can make it difficult to figure out how to best streamline your operation. Purchasing high-quality cutting tools and sticking to a consistent schedule of preventative maintenance are vital, but it’s also important to keep in mind the quality of your cutting fluid. Cutting fluid […]

Taking Control of Wastewater Treatment – Finishing & Coating

On a global level, wastewater treatment is an increasingly critical topic of discussion that has been addressed at the very highest levels of government and major corporations. In order to find a sustainable approach, companies can employ many different strategies to help themselves go beyond mere compliance and begin the process of positively impacting global water quality. According to a […]

Adroitly Address Wastewater Challenges – Chemical Processing

Wastewater management is one of the most challenging operational issues facing chemical, petrochemical and other process plants today. Three primary factors contribute to this: wastewater compliance standards are growing increasingly strict, water consumption costs are rising, and a water shortage is looming in many areas. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) assessed a staggering $69 million in pollution penalties in […]

Control Wastewater Treatment – Efficient Plant

Wastewater treatment has become an increasingly critical part of plant operations over the past decade, and manufacturing companies in all industrial sectors are prioritizing the reduction of water consumption. Compliance with ever-tightening federal regulations for wastewater treatment, handling, and disposal requires finishing-industry executives to focus on the issue. Additional motivating factors for recycling wastewater include strengthening a company’s public image, […]

Wear Abatement Strategies Save Money – Product Machining

The metalworking industry, like many other manufacturing market segments, has been forced to scrutinize capital equipment purchases in an effort to squeeze the most from a tight capital project budget with short expected returns. Often, pre-project planning and equipment evaluation do not take into account the long-term operational effects of rugged operating conditions, faster machining times, material alloys with challenging […]