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Guardian Coolant Recycling System ROI Calculator

The PRAB Guardian™ Coolant Recycling System removes tramp oils and suspended solids from contaminated coolant, controls bacteria and can adjust fluid concentration for fluid recovery. Typical ROI is 6-9 months, depending on the specifics of your application.

PRAB Guardian ROI Calculator

In order to ensure accurate calculations, please be careful to use the correct units of time when using the calculator (i.e. gallons of coolant usage per month, as opposed to per week or year).

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The ROI results provided by this calculator are estimates based on average prices. Your actual savings will depend on a variety of variables that apply to your specific application and location. Please contact our Technical Sales Representative Sam Roach if you have any questions about this calculator or would like clarification about the savings you can achieve with our Guardian Coolant Recycling System.