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PRAB Turning & Chip Processing Systems help meet Federal EPA and ISO 14001 regulations and strict environmental compliance.
Health & Safety
The turning & chip processing system allows production to operate in safer work areas by reducing the volume of metal scrap which requires less storage space prior to recycling.
Low Maintenance
PRAB systems have the industry’s leading reputation as being dependable low-maintenance equipment with long service lives.
  • Decreased storage and transportation costs
  • Increase value of scrap and fluids
  • Reduced labor costs

Complete Metal Scrap Volume Reduction and Fluid Separation Systems.

Reduce small to medium volumes of turnings and bushy wads to flowable metal chips and separate chips from fluid for increased value of machining scrap and cutting fluid. PRAB’s turning & chip processing systems automate scrap removal- improving productivity, reducing the potential for injury and minimizing environmental and business risks. Typical scrap removal systems include the crusher/wringer, shredder/wringer, or compact, skid-mounted e-series systems.

Scrap metal recycling begins with volume reduction. The often tightly wound steel turnings and other types of metal turnings that are generated from various machining operations need to be safely and effectively crushed or shredded by scrap metal equipment. For optimal chip processing, the metal must be in flowable, thumbnail-size chips. To reach this point, long turnings produced from milling, screw machines, swiss machines, drilling, and other metalworking operations must be reduced to flowable chips. PRAB’s turning & chip processing systems automate this process and improve productivity, reduce the potential for injury, and minimize environmental and business risks.

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Common Configurations

PRAB Crusher/Wringer Chip Processing System

Crusher/Wringer Chip Processing System

Reduce volumes of large bundles and stringy turnings. This scrap metal equipment delivers dry, shovel-grade chips and reclaims up to 99% of valuable coolants and cutting oils.

PRAB Shredder/Wringer Chip Processing System

Shredder/Wringer Chip Processing System

Process loose metal turnings into flowable chips. Our scrap metal recycling system couples volume reduction with fluid separation to produce dry chips and reclaim up to 99% of valuable coolants and cutting oils.

PRAB E-Series Modular Chip Processing System

E-Series Chip Processing System

Compact, skid-mounted scrap metal equipment for turnings volume reduction and solid-liquid separation of small to medium volumes of flowable chips. Fluid reclamation and dry chip output make this scrap removal system ideal for smaller shops.

Chip System Components

Components and layout are engineered to your application and requirements. We determine which components to use by testing customer material in our test lab. Request a material test today.

PRAB Wringers & Centrifuges Product Image Small



Spins metal chips with over 600G’s of centrifugal force, separating out fluid for recovery. Dry chips can be discharged pneumatically or mechanically conveyed.

PRAB Vertical Axis Crushers

Vertical Axis Crushers


Heavy-duty scrap volume reduction. Crushes metal turnings and bulky wads into chips. Reduces scrap volume up to 90%.

PRAB Metal Turning Shredder

Metal Turnings Shredders


Shreds metal turning into flowable chips. Uses stainless steel cutter discs that shear, rip and tear to reduce scrap volume.

PRAB Tramp Metal Separators

Tramp Metal Separators


Remove bar-ends, broken tooling and other solids from chip flow to protect other metal scrap equipment. Available in 6 unique models.

PRAB Carts and Dumpers

Carts & Dumpers


Move wet or dry metal chips and turnings safely and easily with heavy-duty industrial carts and automatic dumpers. Integrated before or after chip processing.

Bundle Breaker

Bundle Breaker


Installs in a conveyor’s in-feed hopper, where dual rotating cylinders agitate the material, tearing stringy wads of chips, turnings, and bundles apart.

Advantages of Using a PRAB Chip Processing System:

  • Automatic recovery of cutting oils and coolants
  • Volume reduction of scrap metal, steel turnings and other metal scrap
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Increased value of scrap and fluids
  • Improved housekeeping
  • Decreased storage and transportation costs related to scrap metal recycling
  • Compliance with EPA requirements
  • Performantee® performance warranty
Before and After Chip Processing | Prab.com
Before and After Chip Processing

PRAB Briquetter E-Series Metal Chip Processing System 3D Operation

The PRAB E-Series System provides metalworking operations a fully automated compact, skid-mounted chip processing solution that is proven to increase scrap value by 25%. Here’s how it works: A screw conveyor meter-feeds metal scrap to the system’s conveyor-mounted shedder. The shredder reduces light to moderate wads of turnings with high torque, low speed shearing generating flowable chips at a volume reduction up to 4 to 1. Material then flows through the tramp metal separator, removing occasional solids. Chips are blown into the system’s continuous wringer and tramp metal falls into a separate hopper. The Wringer/Centrifuge uses 600 G’s of centrifugal force to remove up to 98% of fluids, creating dry chips. PRAB’s Wringer/Centrifuge utilizes an exclusive reversing feature to extend service life and minimize maintenance. The metalworking fluids pass through the screen while the dry chips are gravity discharged into the discharge conveyor. Fines are recirculated back into the system for additional processing. The E-Series is designed for small to medium material volumes and can process most machining metal short turnings and chips. The system’s recovery tank captures the reclaimed fluid, where it can be pumped to a PRAB Guardian Coolant Recycling System for processing and reuse. The Guardian reduces new fluid purchases up to 75% and decreases fluid disposal costs by 90%. Built to last, the E-Series from PRAB is constructed of the highest quality wear resistant material, features PLC/HMI controls, and is virtually plug-and-play: pre-wired, pre-plumbed and mounted on a skid. The system’s integrated forklift pockets enable operators to quickly and easily set up or move the E-Series Chip Processing System.

PRAB High Volume Aluminum Systems

Aluminum turnings are one of the most difficult types of material to process, especially in large volumes. PRAB delivers the reliable, durable, and dependable aluminum processing system your operations demand. The skid steer loader feeds wet, stringy material into the hopper of the 6” pitch steel belt conveyor. The PRAB Steel Belt Conveyor carries the material up and meters it into the crusher. The crusher reduces the stringy chips into smaller, flowable chips and discharges them onto the PRAB Drag Conveyor. The PRAB Drag Conveyor transports the material up and into two diagonal shaft chip wringers. The PRAB Chip Wringers separate the coolant from the chips using nearly 700 Gs of centrifugal force. The settling tank captures the coolant for recycling. An integral PRAB Drag Conveyor discharges the settled fines back into the material flow. The PRAB Chip Wringers internally generate air pressure to pneumatically discharge dry chips. The dry chips travel through the pneumatic piping and cyclones to the PRAB Magnetic Separator. The PRAB Magnetic Separator removes ferrous particles from the stream of material and discharges them into a container, while dry aluminum chips continue onto the weight belt. The weigh belt measures throughput of dry material in process and deposits it into a blower. The blower pneumatically transports the chips across the plant to one or more cyclones, which dissipate the air and deposit the chips into storage bunkers.

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