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Health & Safety
PRAB conveyors minimize safety risks by decreasing forklift traffic and scrap contact with operators.
Low Maintenance
PRAB conveyors have the industry’s leading reputation as being dependable low-maintenance equipment with long service lives.
PRAB conveyors are built tough to withstand the harsh conditions and materials moved in the metalworking industry.
PRAB conveyors reduce downtime by automating the scrap transfer process- maximizing machine operator production time.

Move hot, dry or wet abrasive metal scrap or finished parts with an oscillating scrap conveyor.

Vibrating scrap handling systems are ideal for moving hot, dry or wet abrasive metal chips, die scrap, or finished parts across horizontal distances at roughly 12.5 feet per minute. Low cost, economical choice for small to large size shops. Built for machine-side or in-pit operation.

This oscillating scrap conveyor is the top choice for transferring hot, dry or wet abrasive metal scrap, chip processing or moving finished parts across horizontal distances. This scrap handling system provides a steady movement of material at roughly 12 1/2′(3.81 meters) per minute.

Advantages to PRAB Oscillator Conveyors include:

  • Quiet, smooth flow and discharge
  • Low maintenance
  • Low cost per foot to install
  • Low cost to operate
  • Single drive can convey over 80 feet
  • Handles hot, dry or wet materials
  • Covered by PRAB’s one-year warranty
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Common applications:

  • Machining
  • Die Casting
  • Stamping
  • Scrap Yards
  • Finished Parts

The PRAB Oscillating Scrap Conveyor has a low cost per foot and low-cost of operation which make it an economical choice for any size shop. Features and options available for this scrap handling system include:


  • Low-maintenance and eccentric single drive uses only four bearings
  • Lubrication points are centrally located for easy access and maintenance
  • Durable, multi-ply fiberglass springs provide smooth, quiet flow and discharge


  • Trough designs are available in square or flared styles
  • Trough surfaces come in smooth, urethane, abrasion-resistant or Rigidized steel
  • Screening and sorting configuration is available with side discharge chute
  • Machine-side or pit operation

Choose from PRAB’s three Oscillating Scrap Conveyor models. See chart below for detailed information.


Light Duty

Standard Duty

Heavy Duty

Single Drive

Max. 50′
(15 m)

Max. 80′
(24 m)

Max. 200′
(60 m)


10-7 gauge
(3.42-4.55 mm)

10-7 gauge
(3.42-4.55 mm)

7 gauge / 0.25
(4.55 mm / 0.64 cm)

Frame Base

and channel

and channel



0.3125-0.5 in
(0.79-1.27 cm)

0.3125-0.5 in
(0.79-1.27 cm)

0.375-0.5 in 
(0.95-1.27 cm)


8-16 in
(20.32-40.64 cm)

8-60 in
(20.32-152.4 cm)

18-60 in
(45.72-152.4 cm)

Drive Section
& Length

End or center
84-120 in
(213.36-304.8 cm)

End or center
84-120 in
(213.36-304.8 cm)

120 in
(304.8 cm)

Spring Spacing
Down Length

48-60 in
(121.92-152.4 cm)

48-60 in
(121.92-152.4 cm)

84 in
(213.36 cm)


Single arm eccentric

Single or double
arm eccentric

Double arm eccentric

Multi-ply Fiberglass

0.2in thickness
(.50 cm)

0.2in thickness
(0.50 cm)

0.31in thickness
(0.78 cm)


Double tapered roller bearings

Operation Frequency

400-600 RPM

PRAB Aluminum Die Casting Scrap – Oscillator Conveyor

PRAB’s Oscillating Conveyor gently handles aluminum die casting scrap for scrap metal recycling.


PRAB Oscillator Conveyor to Steel Belt Conveyor

Oscillating Scrap Conveyor moves scrap metal to a Steel Belt Conveyor, as part of a complete system

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