Metalworking Conveyors: Machining, Die Cast, Stamping, Forging, Parts

Heavy-duty conveyors transfer metal scrap, finished parts and fluid generated by metalworking operations to different points within and outside of a plant. Much of the metal waste and spent fluid can then be processed using a complete metal and fluid system and/or be sent to a container for transport. Metalworking conveyors have to withstand impact, extreme temperatures, abrasive materials and corrosive atmospheres, so finding the right conveyor and building it to be durable is mission-critical.

The best conveyor for each situation depends on the application, metal type, temperature, weight, plant atmosphere and more. Our experienced sales and engineering staff works with you on an individual basis, collecting vital application data and leveraging our full-life of conveyors to meet your specific objectives. Putting in this work ahead of results in optimum production cycles, less downtime, increased worker safety, improved housekeeping and less forklift traffic.
57 Years

Conveyor Lifetime

We’re still providing parts for conveyors sold 57 years ago.


Raise in Productivity

Using the right conveyor for the right application.


Improved Workplace Safety

Less forklift traffic and ergonomic production


Technical Support

Keep your process moving whenever you need it most.

Each solution is custom-built to your process and requirements.

We can only guarantee results like this because of our experience building and servicing conveyors still in operation after 57 years. Our team collects application data to provide a solution that moves your material in your unique plant situation. We back it up with 24/7 support to keep your equipment working for you around the clock. When you’re ready to get started, contact us or use our conveyor selection tool.

Conveyors for Any Metalworking Application


Efficiently transfer machining scrap via a variety of modes within and outside your plant.

Machining Conveyors


Conveyors built to handle extreme temperatures and/or weights.

Forging Conveyors

Scrap Yards

Tough, long-lasting rugged high-volume conveyors. Built for tough atmospheres.

Scrap Yards Conveyors
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Heavy-duty Metal Conveyors - See the entire range

Metalworking’s most versatile conveyor for transporting scrap. Move wet or dry metal with multiple options for directional configuration. Convey bushy wads, turnings, die scrap, stamping scrap, or small chips.

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Perfect for moving oily, thin-gauge trim scrap, stamping slugs, motor laminations and eyelet press scrap without carryover. Rigidized™ belt surface prevents scrap from sticking to the belt, and exclusively-designed pivoting hinges flip scrap into hoppers.

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Vibrating system ideal for moving hot, dry or wet abrasive metal chips, die scrap, or finished parts across horizontal distances. Built for machine-side or in-pit operation.

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Liquid-tight scrap handling system to collect, transfer and elevate stamping scrap. Leak-proof construction retains 100% of cutting fluids when moving scrap to its destination.

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Cost effective scrap conveyor system for collecting, transferring, meter feeding, and distributing a wide range of wet or dry metal chips and turnings.

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Move highly abrasive, severe-duty metal scrap- both wet or dry. Exclusive bolt-free flight bar connection to stay strong under grueling conditions.

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Air transfer system for moving wet or dry chips from CNC machining centers to a central chip processing system or load-out. Reconfigurable when modifying plant floor.

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Cool parts and metal scrap where air cooling is not sufficient or practical. Liquid-tight conveyors for die cast, heat transfer, parts cooling and coating operations.

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Ideal for air cooling of hot die castings. Eliminate misting and air quality issues associated with water quench conveyors.

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Meter feed abrasive die scrap directly to the melting furnace. Batch-loaded or used as the final component in a complete scrap-to-remelt system.

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Transfer wet or dry ferrous scrap including metal chips, stamping slugs, turnings, parts or die scrap without carryover.

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Ideal for high-volume, coolant-flow applications. Quiet, efficient transfer of metal chips, fines and turnings, wet or dry bushy wads, die scrap and tramp metal solids.

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Scrap handling system designed for final load-out of metal scrap into large trailers or railcars for maximum container fill.

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Custom-built, system-integrated solutions remove contaminants so that water can be used, reused, or disposed of.

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