Long-Lasting Equipment
Easy to
Accuracy of Documentation

Long-Lasting Equipment

We are still shipping parts for equipment we sold 57 years ago.

PRAB engineers design solutions that tackle the toughest jobs in metalworking and manufacturing, and our skilled fabricators take those designs and construct heavy-duty systems built to withstand decades of operation in the most hostile manufacturing environments.

"The original [PRAB] conveyors [from 2004] are still in place today, working through 2 shifts, 5 days per week, with only minimal scheduled maintenance necessary."

Case Study: Metal Stamping Company Implements Successful Expansion…

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Easy to Maintain

Over the last 10 years we have made 9 major design changes to improve serviceability.

We have always engineered our equipment with ease of maintenance in mind–less than 2% of our products result in warranty requests. Join us as we take it to the next level with smart technology that issues remote notifications of system alerts to minimize downtime.

Case Study: C&A Tool Increases Profitability, Maintains Clean Facility…

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"I used to work in a shop that had PRAB equipment and it ran 24/7, with very little maintenance. When it came time to look at scrap handling systems, I wanted to go with what I felt was the best."

Custom-Built Solutions

We build custom equipment for one-of-a-kind applications.

No two shops are configured alike. We design integrated, custom solutions that not only solve the unique challenges of your application, they accommodate the most unforgiving building footprints.

"This custom designed scrap handling facility is a valuable resource for us and it’s working as projected. Furthermore, we have confidence that PRAB will be there to ensure its continued performance."

Increase Scrap Value and Recover Spent Fluid

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Staff Expertise

Count on PRAB team members to share our expertise in print and at the jobsite.

Not only have we published over 150 articles, white papers, case studies, technical briefs and application reviews, we bring our expertise to every customer request.

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"A design engineer from PRAB came to our plant to meet with our manufacturing engineers and review the application. In addition, PRAB is a well-established company with a good reputation for quality and service."

Accuracy of Documentation

Detailed service reports were sent to our customers for every one of the 230 on-site service visits last year.

From initial project estimates to our extensive collection of product literature, we strive to provide clear communication before, during and after the installation of any PRAB system.

"The scrap handling project had many edits and changes during the design phase yet the organization and communication of both parties working in partnership made the project successful."

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