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Guardian Coolant Recycling Systems

Blog: ‘Fluid recycling can aid profits’ As seen in Cutting Tool Engineering

Research has shown that top-performing machine shops annually invest two to three times more money in capital equipment than other shops. Not coincidentally, profit margins for high performers are almost double those reported by typical shops. For all businesses, the objective is to achieve the largest possible profit margins. One way for metalworking operations to attain that goal is […]

Ready to Lower Your Coolant Costs?

What are my options for filtering and reusing cutting fluid? There are many options available for filtering your spent cutting fluids. The solution will vary depending on the various factors of your specific application. PRAB offers a full line of equipment to choose from. Please contact one of our fluid filtration specialists to discuss your specific operational needs. What […]

Product Brochure: PRAB Sump Cleaner Transport Options

TOW . WALK . LIFT . DRIVE PRAB sump cleaners are available in several transport base options in addition to the standard bases. Tow larger sump cleaners using two- or four-wheel trailers; Walk sump cleaners to move through narrow aisles and tight quarters; Lift smaller sump cleaners with forklifts; and Drive large sump cleaners that travel […]

Product Brochure: PRAB Guardian Coolant Recycling System

Proven to Reduce Your Coolant Waste Up to 90% The Effective Solution to Coolant Management Problems PRAB’s Guardian Coolant Recycling System is a centralized, economical solution to the high costs associated with maintaining water-based coolants and washwater in the metalworking industry. The Guardian system recycles used coolants, reducing waste fluids by up to 90%, and eliminates […]

Product Brochure: PRAB Coolant Manager

Download     Proven to Kill 99.9% of Coolant Bacteria The Strongest Known Oxidant Available for Bacteria Control The most common cause of coolant failure is rancidity. Until now, the only remedy has been to add liquid biocide to the solution or have it hauled away. The Coolant Manager is the safe, economical way to provide constant bacteria control. Ozone […]

Product Brochure: Automatic Coolant Concentration Control AC

Download     Automatic Coolant Concentration Control Automatically control the concentration of coolant in your Guardian™ Coolant Recycling System The AC3 Fluid Monitor is an economical in-line process refractometer. The unit’s simple design has only one piece: a detection unit with an affixed digital display. Instead of interrupting an automated process, the embedded processor tests for Brix continuously while the […]

White Paper: Reducing Haul-Away Costs in Metalworking Operations

Lower Metal Scrap and Fluid Haul-Away Expenses with Automated Systems By Mike Hook, Sales & Marketing Director, PRAB Introduction Costs to haul away and dispose of metal scrap and spent cutting fluids erode the bottom line of metalworking operations. Several factors outside the control of metalworking shops contribute to the costs, which continue to increase: Pass-through […]

Product Brochure: PRAB Fluid Filtration Solutions

Product Selection Chart Model # Flow Filtering Efficiency Application Tramp Oil Separator 3-150 gpm (11-568 lph) Coolant Guardian Coolant Recycling Systems 90-1,500 gph (341-5,678 lph) Coolant High Pressure Coolant Filters Coolant Magnetic Separator 5-265 gph (19-1,003 lph) 50-100 micron Coolant Paper Bed Filter 5-250 gpm (19-946pm) 15-50 micron Coolant/Wastewater Magnetic Separator & Paper Bed Filter 5-265 […]

Product Brochure: PRAB Fluid Filtration Systems

Proven to Decrease Fluid Disposal Costs By Up to 90%   Documented Results Achieved by PRAB Customers: REDUCED COOLANT COSTS “We have seen around a 75% savings on new coolant purchases.” – Alexandre Blinov, Koss Aerospace INCREASED OIL SAVINGS “Over $212,000 a year in oil savings. I am in shock along with everyone else in my […]

Blog: Achieving Quantifiable Results Through Sustainable Manufacturing

After World War II, as the United States quickly transformed from an agricultural society to an industrial one and the start of the modern-day environmental movement had begun. In the first 25 years of this movement, the US spent more than $1 trillion to address environmental threats caused by commercial activities. Since that time, being environmentally responsible, has been […]