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Guardian Coolant Recycling Systems

Coalescing for the effective removal of tramp oils from spent fluid

Tramp oil that floats on the surface of water based cutting fluid in the machine sump is problematic in a variety of ways. Separating and removing this oil should be a priority to eliminate its negative effects and maximize coolant effectiveness. By removing tramp oil from the sump with a fluid recycling system, metalworking operations can cut costs and reap […]

White Paper: Wringing Value from Hazardous Metalworking Waste

This white paper will address how: • Inadequate scrap and fluid handling processes contribute to revenue losses and raise expenses • Separating hazardous metal and fluid waste improves compliance and benefits the bottom line • Extending the life of hazardous fluids lowers costs and improves compliance   2 Shop Floor Enhancements That Turn Hazardous Metal Scrap & Fluid […]

White Paper: Financing A Stronger Future

Download Leverage Favorable Lending Conditions and Automated Equipment’s ROI to Limit Impact on Cash Flow By Mike Hook, Sales & Marketing Director, PRAB   Introduction For many manufacturers, 2020 was a crash course in operational survival. What do we need to do to keep employees safe from a pandemic? How do we rectify supply chain disruptions? How do we maintain […]

White Paper: Achieving Economic Recovery & Resilience To Future Disruptions

Download Automated Systems and Domestic Sourcing Will Contribute to Sustainable U.S. ProductionBy Mike Hook, Sales & Marketing Director, PRAB   Introduction Global health events. Trade wars and tariffs. Political discord. Rising foreign labor costs. External factors such as these have had a major impact on U.S. manufacturing. Many companies were challenged in 2020 just to complete ordinary day-to-day production tasks […]

Blog: ‘Fluid recycling can aid profits’ As seen in Cutting Tool Engineering

Research has shown that top-performing machine shops annually invest two to three times more money in capital equipment than other shops. Not coincidentally, profit margins for high performers are almost double those reported by typical shops. For all businesses, the objective is to achieve the largest possible profit margins. One way for metalworking operations to attain that goal is […]

Ready to Lower Your Coolant Costs?

What are my options for filtering and reusing cutting fluid? There are many options available for filtering your spent cutting fluids. The solution will vary depending on the various factors of your specific application. PRAB offers a full line of equipment to choose from. Please contact one of our fluid filtration specialists to discuss your specific operational needs. What […]

Product Brochure: PRAB Sump Cleaner Transport Options

TOW . WALK . LIFT . DRIVEPRAB sump cleaners are available in several transport base options in addition to the standard bases. Tow larger sump cleaners using two- or four-wheel trailers; Walk sump cleaners to move through narrow aisles and tight quarters; Lift smaller sump cleaners with forklifts; and Drive large sump cleaners that […]

Product Brochure: PRAB Guardian Coolant Recycling System

Proven to Reduce Your Coolant Waste Up to 90% The Effective Solution to Coolant Management Problems PRAB’s Guardian Coolant Recycling System is a centralized, economical solution to the high costs associated with maintaining water-based coolants and washwater in the metalworking industry. The Guardian system recycles used coolants, reducing waste fluids by up to 90%, and eliminates […]

Product Brochure: PRAB Coolant Manager

Download     Proven to Kill 99.9% of Coolant Bacteria The Strongest Known Oxidant Available for Bacteria Control The most common cause of coolant failure is rancidity. Until now, the only remedy has been to add liquid biocide to the solution or have it hauled away. The Coolant Manager is the safe, economical way to provide constant bacteria control. Ozone […]

Product Brochure: Automatic Coolant Concentration Control AC

Download     Automatic Coolant Concentration Control Automatically control the concentration of coolant in your Guardian™ Coolant Recycling System The AC3 Fluid Monitor is an economical in-line process refractometer. The unit’s simple design has only one piece: a detection unit with an affixed digital display. Instead of interrupting an automated process, the embedded processor tests for Brix continuously while the […]