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PRAB Tramp Oil Separator Saves Manufacturer Over $60,000 Annually by Recycling Wash Water

Challenge: Reduce labor and wastewater disposal costs from a wash system Solution: PRAB Tramp Oil Separator Results: Annual Savings of $67,440 Project Background A global manufacturer of components for hydraulic systems needed a high-quality solution that would streamline oil removal from their small tunnel washer for its cleaning line. Their current process was compromising the company’s ability to […]

Concrete Additives Facility Reduces Wastewater Disposal Costs Through Vacuum Evaporation

Challenge: Reduce haul-away costs for tanker washdown wastewater Results: Lowered wastewater disposal costs by ~$250,000/year Return on Investment: Less than one year Project Background A global specialty chemicals company utilizing tanker trucks to deliver its product was producing about 3,000 gallons of wastewater each day tankers are washed. This resulted in about $250,000 in annual costs to haul […]

Application Review: Automotive Components Manufacturer Reduces Wastewater Volumes from Die Casting Process

Download       Project Background A market leader, specializing in the manufacturing of die-cast aluminum and zinc components for the automotive industry produces a variety of parts that vary in weight up to 40 lbs. This customer aimed at reducing the wastewater volume coming from the production process, the relative high disposal costs, and to reuse the water within […]

Application Review: Automotive Powertrain Manufacturer Sees Results BEFORE Installation of PRAB Wringer and Conveyor Through PRAB’s ‘Prove It Before You Use It’ Approach

CHALLENGE A global manufacturer of powertrain systems for the auto industry needed to improve fluid recovery as part of its steel stamping scrap process at its facility in the Northeastern United States. As a tier one supplier to major automotive manufacturers, and with an estimated 70% of the vehicles on the road utilizing one of their […]

Application Review: Automotive Manufacturer Drives Cost Reduction and Increases Profitability Through Wastewater Treatment

CHALLENGE An engine manufacturing plant in Slovakia needed to improve their operations. The company sought continuous improvement through operating efficiencies, cost reduction, and recycling and reuse of waste. The plant produces 300,000 gasoline engines annually with five manufacturing lines, consisting of four metal cutting lines and one assembly line. The plant sought to improve operating cost structures and […]

Application Review: Parts-Cleaning Oily Wastewater Disposal Costs Reduced by Over 90% with Vacuum Distillation

CHALLENGE A global market-leading manufacturer of mechanical fastening systems and precision components needed to reduce wastewater disposal costs. The Italian facility serves diversified end markets, including the automotive, construction supply, electrical/electronics, aerospace and medical components industry. INDUSTRY Automotive Building Electronics Aerospace Medical PRODUCTS UTILIZED Evaled® Heat Pump Evaporator Please click on the link above to view full application […]

Application Review: Mobile Conveyor Helps a High-Volume Stamping Operation Improve Production and Increase Safety

Application Summary Collaborative Design Enhancing workplace safety Automated Scrap Handling Saved 18 minutes per die change Centralized Scrap Management System Enhancing productivity Traversing Conveyors Optimizing plant space Challenge A stamping operation at a custom parts manufacturing plant near Detroit, Michigan, USA needed to improve their scrap handling process. The stamping operation had a 1,000 ton press […]

Application Review: A Die Cast Company Improves Melting Process and Cuts Operating Expenses

CHALLENGE A die cast company in the Midwest contracts with automotive and other industrial OEM companies to design and manufacture die cast parts from Aluminum, Zinc, and Plastic. The die caster recognized the need to improve the efficiency of their Aluminum remelt processes.     The Die Cast industry as a whole has seen shrinking profit […]

Application Review: Ultrafiltration Reclaims Oily Process Water; Reducing Operating Costs and Environmental Impact

CHALLENGE An industry-leading manufacturer of industrial-grade fastening systems discovers a better way to recycle washwater – reducing fresh water consumption by 130,000 gallons annually and reclaim machining oil by using PRAB’s Ultrafiltration System.     An industry-leading manufacturer of industrial-grade fastening systems located in the Southwest United States, produces durable fasteners for operation in extreme conditions. […]

Application Review: Automotive Supplier of Metal Fasteners Achieves Labor Savings with Improved Quench Tank Oil Removal Process

CHALLENGE A global manufacturer of metal fasteners for the automotive industry was faced with an operating challenge of improving labor allocations and enhancing cost centers while maintaining tight delivery times under swelling customer demand for its fasteners.     The company identified the heat treat process as an area where upgrades and process changes could be […]