Solve fluid management issues and maximize investment with PRAB standard or custom-engineered filtration and coolant recycling systems.

PRAB provides free laboratory analysis of your fluid and has an ROI calculator to determine equipment payback. For more information please call us at (800) 968-7722, or email [email protected].


PRAB Guardian Coolant Recycling Systems |

Guardian Coolant Recycling Systems

Versatile, central system removes tramp oils and suspended solids from contaminated coolant to less than 0.1% and prevents odors and health issues caused by bacteria and rancidity. This fluid reclamation system cuts new coolant purchases up to 75%, and spent coolant disposal costs up to 90%. Typical payback in six to nine months! Learn more.

PRAB Standard and Magnetic Paper Bed Filters |

Standard and Magnetic Paper Bed Filters

Low-profile solid/liquid separation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals perfect for grinding applications with flow rates up to 130 gpm. Removes particulate down to 5 microns, prolonging coolant and tool life. Filtered Fluid can be reused or recycled. Learn more.

PRAB Drum-Type Scraper Separator |

Drum-Type Scraper Separator

High-quality separator for removing aluminum, non-ferrous, and composite materials from coolant. No filtration media needed. Reduces maintenance costs by eliminating clogging and minimizing machine sump cleanout. Perfect for milling, tube and rolling mills, gear cutting, lathe operations, general machining, and all grinding applications. Learn more.


PRAB Magnetic Separators |

Magnetic Separators

Remove ferrous material- including sludge and chips from both water soluble and neat oils with high intensity ferrite or rare earth magnets. Used as a pre-filter to limit contaminants from reaching subsequent filtration equipment. Typical applications are centerless and heavy stock removal grinding machines, honing, gear cutting, and chip-producing machinery. Learn more.

PRAB Vacuum Filtration Systems |

Vacuum Filtration Systems

Eliminate high sludge volume produced in machining centers and grinding applications. Centralized system with filtration capabilities up to 3,000 gpm enhances current filtration operations. Virtually maintenance-free. Learn more.

PRAB Solid Bowl Industrial Centrifuge |

Solid Bowl Industrial Centrifuge

Separate solids from liquids where removal of fines is important for recycle and reuse goals. These heavy duty centrifuges are ideal for separating all types of ferrous and non-ferrous solids from oils and water-based coolant with flow rates up to 50 gpm. Eliminates consumable media and minimizes maintenance. Learn more.


PRAB Candle Filters |

Candle Filters

Remove fine particulate from spent coolant in honing and electronic discharge machining, tungsten carbide tool, and steel ball grinding applications. Improves coolant recycling systems and fluid reclamation by consistently capturing grinding swarf at 1 micron. Virtually no downtime for maintenance. Learn more.

PRAB Tramp Oil Separators |

Tramp Oil Separators

Centralized, or machine side fluid filtration systems for removal of free-floating and mechanically dispersed tramp oils, bacteria, slime, inverted emulsions, and more from individual machine sumps, central systems, and wash tanks. Cuts new coolant purchases up to 75% and reduces hazardous waste volumes up to 90%. Typical payback in as little as six to nine months. Learn more.

PRAB Replacement Filter Media |

Replacement Filter Media

PRAB stocks a wide assortment of filter media for coolant, cutting oil, washwater, rinsewater and wastewater fluid reclamation applications. Learn more.



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