Incoming Industrial Water Treatment - Remove Contaminants

Municipal water often contains contaminants that diminish product quality, contribute to equipment wear, and increase manufacturing costs.

Machine Wear

Eliminate rust, chlorine and calcium that slowly reduce the life of your equipment.

Rejected Parts

Remove contaminants that cause your parts to be off-spec.


Filter out contaminants that cause finished metals to discolor.

Product Quality

Remove suspended solids that reduce product quality and profits.

Incoming Water Challenges:

Total Dissolved Solids – Dissolved organic and inorganic matter in incoming water can cause machine wear and parts to be out of spec. A Reverse Osmosis system can lower your TDS and conductivity.

Total Suspended Solids – Sediment, silt and sand in incoming water result in discoloration and poor product quality along with wreaking havoc on equipment life. An Ultrafiltration system can separate out these solids before they enter your process.

Hardness – Calcium and magnesium build up on machinery, reducing its effectiveness and life. A Reverse Osmosis system can remove these from incoming water. Hardness issues are typically geographic, see USGS’s page to see if your facility is in an area with hard water.

pH Balance – Water that is too acidic or too alkaline can causes discoloration and machine wear. A pH Adjustment system, measures, treats, and neutralizes acids/alkalis.

Machine Tool Coolant Make-up – The water that you mix with coolant significantly affects tool life and product quality.

Learn more about the proven technologies that we utilize.

Reverse Osmosis Equipment

Reverse Osmosis

Filter up to 99.5% of suspended matter from incoming water. RO works by pressing incoming feed water through a semipermeable membrane. Learn More >

PRAB Ultrafiltration Equipment


Designed to separate organics like silt and dirt, emulsified oils, and suspended solids from incoming water. Learn More >

pH Adjustment System

pH Adjustment Systems

Removes heavy metals and organic compounds from incoming water. Adjust the pH of your POTW or well water to perfectly fit your process and protect your equipment. Learn More >