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Destroy bacteria, inhibit algae growth and reduce scaling in wastewater.

PRAB’s line of ozone generators are used for all types of industrial water applications. From recirculated washwater to bacteria control in water-based metal working lubricants and parts rinsing operations. Water treated with ozone does not contain any chlorinated compounds that require further treatment prior to disposal.

Ozone is known as the most powerful commercial oxidant in the world, because it is highly reactive and readily oxidizes (breaks down) organic matter. Ozone is used to treat process and wastewater in a sterilization system. It has a faster reaction rate than chemicals and is used as a disinfectant for drinking water, as well as a disinfectant for destroying bacteria, inhibitor to algae growth and scaling reducer in wastewater. Ozone treatment systems provide fast and efficient oxidation of many industrial contaminants and is very effective for oxidizing iron and manganese, removing phenols, organic waste constituents and heavy metal contaminants. Additionally, water treated with ozone does not contain any chlorinated compounds that require further treatment prior to disposal.

Ozone Generators | Prab.com

Ozone achieves the following treatment functions:

Disinfection – Bacterial disinfection, and the inactivation of viruses and cysts.

Oxidation of Inorganics – Precipitates iron, manganese, sulfides, nitrites and organically bound heavy metals.

Oxidation of Organics – Including organics causing color, taste and odor problems, some detergents and pesticides, phenols, VOCs, turbidity control and micro flocculation of soluble organics.

Benefits & Features

  • Reduce the cost of washwater
  • System effluent water can be discharged to a sewer or reused
  • Robust design which effectively removes suspended solids and organic impurities from a variety of different water streams for optimum fluid waste management
  • Help meet zero manifesting goals and comply with federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act requirements, as well as state and local discharge regulations
  • No hazardous chemicals required
  • Simple automatic operation requires little attention and maintenance
  • Approved by the FDA, USDA, and EPA as an antimicrobial disinfectant

Ozone treats a wide-range of process fluids. From recirculated wash water in car washes, reducing energy and water savings in cooling towers, to bacteria control in water-based metal working lubricants and parts rinsing operations.

  • High-purity process water
  • Cooling towers
  • Equipment and surface sanitation
  • Clean-in-place
  • Holding ponds and tanks
  • Machine coolants

Full Spectrum Industrial Wastewater Recycling and Reuse. Cost Reduction, Waste Minimization & Environmental Compliance.


  • Motivations for Reuse
  • Regulatory Overview
  • Wastewater Minimization Techniques
  • Wastewater Treatment Technology Evaluation
  • Intro to Membrane Filtration Technology
  • Intro to Vacuum Evaporation Technology
  • Case Studies
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