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Guardian Coolant Recycling Systems

Blog: Fluid Filtration Management with a Recycling System

A sump is a pit or hollow that collects liquid. Cleaning this can be a dirty job for shops that don’t invest any time or the right equipment to get it done. Typically it consists of a lot of manual labor on the part of the workers; such as removing the sheet metal pieces, disconnecting hoses and electrical connections, followed […]

Case Study: Auto Parts Manufacturer Reduces Coolant Purchase Costs and Eliminates Used Coolant Disposal in First 12 Months

Challenge When Ogura Corporation, a Detroit based parts manufacturer, was faced with the dilemma of excessive coolant consumption, PRAB’s Fluid Filtration division was able to offer the optimal solution: Coolant Recycling.     Ogura’s primary business activity is the manufacture of air conditioner parts for the automotive industry. One of their major customers is the Ford Motor Company. […]

Case Study: Iowa Industrial Hydraulics Reduces Coolant Waste by 90% with Installation of a PRAB Guardian 400

CHALLENGE Concerned with various problems associated with water soluble coolants, including rising costs and foul sump odors, Iowa Industrial Hydraulics developed a coolant management system featuring PRAB’s Guardian 400 to recycle spent coolant and reduce fluid purchase costs by 60%.     During the late 1980’s, Iowa Industrial Hydraulics, like many other manufacturers, was experiencing various problems with […]

Case Study: Cashing in Your Chips

Challenge Kalamazoo, Mich., February, 2015 – Featured in Modern Machine Shop Magazine. The more chips a company cuts, the better. But once the output reaches a certain volume, it may be time to look beyond traditional disposal methods toward more efficient systems.     New chip processing equipment, linked with coolant filtration systems, can raise the value of […]