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Fluid Recycling

Don’t Let Crude Oil Costs Get in the Way of Your Operation’s Goals

A lot goes into a successful metalworking operation, from a skilled workforce to reliable equipment. Chief among these components is the effective cooling of tools and workpieces. This is where metalworking fluids like coolants and lubricants come into play, as they reduce the heat and friction produced by machining processes. Without these fluids, corrosion within the unit and raw […]

Advanced fluid recycling systems cut waste – Today’s Motor Vehicles

Between the skilled labor shortage and the recent economic turmoil, manufacturers are constantly tasking employees with greater challenges, making it critical to identify opportunities that will allow them to run facilities as efficiently as possible. Proactively approaching operation improvements can have several long-term benefits, especially during challenging market conditions. One operational improvement to consider is streamlining cutting-fluid management with advanced, […]

Centralized Coolant Recycling System – Manufacturing News

“Successful coolant recycling requires three components: particulate removal, tramp oil removal and coolant concentration control,” said a PRAB spokesperson. “The Guardian Coolant Recycling System incorporates all three elements for maximum coolant life. This combination makes it the most efficient option for centralized recycling of metalworking cutting fluids.” The Value of Coolant Recycling “If one’s current process is labor intensive, requires […]

Five Ways Metalworking Fluid Recycling Equipment Delivers ROI – Fabricating and Metalworking

Finding new ways to reduce costs in metalworking is something every fabricator aspires to. Cutting fluid recycling equipment is proven to generate meaningful savings over time. With that in mind, let’s walk through five ways fluid recycling systems deliver ROI. Note: Many variables play a role in cutting fluid management. To create a baseline for the following ROI examples, the […]

Coalescing for the effective removal of tramp oils from spent fluid

Tramp oil that floats on the surface of water based cutting fluid in the machine sump is problematic in a variety of ways. Separating and removing this oil should be a priority to eliminate its negative effects and maximize coolant effectiveness. By removing tramp oil from the sump with a fluid recycling system, metalworking operations can cut costs and reap […]

Ultrafiltration Systems with Smaller Footprints – IEN

PRAB, Inc. (Kalamazoo, MI) has introduced two compact versions of its turnkey Ultrafiltration (UF) System. PRAB’s ultrafiltration membrane technology separates organics, emulsified oils and suspended solids from process water, incoming water, wastewater and metalworking coolant to reduce haul-away costs up to 90%. All components and tank assemblies are mounted on a single skid that is configured for a smaller footprint […]

Wear Abatement Strategies Save Money – Product Machining

The metalworking industry, like many other manufacturing market segments, has been forced to scrutinize capital equipment purchases in an effort to squeeze the most from a tight capital project budget with short expected returns. Often, pre-project planning and equipment evaluation do not take into account the long-term operational effects of rugged operating conditions, faster machining times, material alloys with challenging […]