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Prioritizing Plant Housekeeping In A Metalworking Operation

Using Automated Systems to Keep a Shop Clean and Free of Hazards Has a Positive Impact on Profit, Productivity and Purpose By Mike Hook, Sales & Marketing Director, PRAB     Introduction For workplaces in the United States and many other industrialized countries, “cleanliness is a virtue” is more than just an old adage—it is […]

Getting the Most Value from Metal Scrap and Spent Fluids

When market factors reduce profit margins, metalworking operations should consider shifting their capital expenditures to back-end process systems. By Mike Hook, Sales & Marketing Director, PRAB   Introduction In 2010, Modern Machine Shop magazine released its inaugural “Top Shops” benchmarking survey. Intended as an annual method for metalworking shops to compare their key performance indicators with […]

Waste Stream Management in the Midst of a Limited Workforce

Solving metalworking waste stream issues as retaining employees becomes more difficult. By Mike Hook, Sales & Marketing Director, PRAB Introduction The metalworking industry faces many uncertainties amid a changing economic climate. Already confronting the probability of slowed economic growth going into 2020,1 financial expectations became even more uncertain as the coronavirus outbreak spread worldwide. In a […]

PRAB Evaporation Technology

Drastically Reduce Your Disposal Costs Economical Separation Solutions for Industrial Wastewater Treatment Evaporation, or distillation, is a separation process that takes advantage of the changing physical states of water, or other solvents, from liquid to vapor. It is unique from other separation processes, in that the water is removed from the contaminants rather than the pollutants […]

Avoiding Accidents, Injuries & Illnesses In Metalworking Operations

Automating the handling of metal scrap and spent fluids is crucial to protecting your workforce. By Mike Hook, Sales & Marketing Director, PRAB   Introduction In a report issued during the 2018 National Safety Council Congress & Expo, the Campbell Institute-a respected global thought leader on placing environment, health, and safety at the core of business […]

Making Wastewater Compliance Part Of A Profit Strategy

Understanding local regulations and distinct operating variables is key to creating effective wastewater solutions. By Tim Hanna, PRAB Vice President of Business Development     Introduction Modern manufacturing operations are constantly looking for ways to innovate and increase productivity. This means making the most efficient use of any resource essential to the process. These resources, […]

Six Feasibility Studies

Certified by third parties on the performance of EVALED® Evaporators   EVALED® A brief compendium of EVALED® laboratory analysis competences Mechanical & Surface Treatments Food & Beverage Oil & Gas Feasibility Studies Chemical Analyses     EVALED® Mechanical And Surface Processes   Automotive, Aviation, Furniture, Appliances Mechanical and surface processes that involve the automotive, aviation, furniture, […]