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E-Series Chip Processing Systems

White Paper: Green Engineering

Green Engineering How to Design More Profit into the Metalworking Operation By Ron Chapman, Systems Sales Manager & Teresa Phillips, Senior Marketing Specialist, PRAB   Introduction The green movement is not a new concept. In fact, the basic principles were well-known throughout Europe in the medieval era. However, it was the Industrial Revolution in Europe that […]

Product Brochure: PRAB Chip Processing Systems All Product Brochure

Download     Proven To Reduce Metal Scrap Volume By As Much As 90%   Documented Results Achieved by PRAB Customers: INCREASED REVENUE“We get $0.17 per pound more for our briquetted material over loose chips.”– Jack Rovan, Martin-Baker Plant Manufacturing Manager IMPROVED EFFICIENCY & SAFETY“PRAB has truly helped us get more money for our waste metal and improve our […]

Product Brochure: PRAB E-Series Chip System

Download     Proven to Increase Scrap Value Up to 25% Produce 98% Dry Chips and Reclaim Cutting Fluid for Increased Waste Value The PRAB E-Series Chip System is a dependable, fully automated system for reclaiming valuable cutting fluid from wet metal chips and turnings. This compact unit was designed for small to medium material volumes and can process Aluminum, […]

Conveying Value – Shop Metalworking Technology

For every input, there’s output, and in every process, there’s waste. For metalworkers, waste comes in the form of chips, and other than having them leave your shop in the soles of your shoes, chip handling is a function all shops must consider. Single-man operations or other small shops know that at the base of the chip handling pyramid is […]