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Aerospace Components Manufacturer Reduces its Environmental Impact and Cuts New Coolant Purchases by 75%

Challenge: Emptying the sumps of Koss Aerospace’s 26 machining centers was labor intensive and caused a lot of downtime. Their old system’s inability to handle this level of fluid resulted in foul odor and excessive haul-away costs. Solution PRAB’s Guardian™ Coolant Recycling System with Coolant Manager, Polishing Filter System and Dirty Transfer System Results: 75% savings on new coolant purchases. […]

Six Feasibility Studies

Certified by third parties on the performance of EVALED® Evaporators   EVALED® A brief compendium of EVALED® laboratory analysis competences Mechanical & Surface Treatments Food & Beverage Oil & Gas Feasibility Studies Chemical Analyses     EVALED® Mechanical And Surface Processes   Automotive, Aviation, Furniture, Appliances Mechanical and surface processes that involve the automotive, […]

The 3-Step Approach to Better Waste Reduction in Aerospace Manufacturing

According to the Aerospace Industries Association, few if any industries have done a better job of improving environmental performance over the last several decades than the aerospace industry. The AIA states that today’s aircraft and engines are considerably more efficient than those manufactured just 20 or 30 years ago, which has dramatically decreased fuel usage and harmful emissions. Additionally, […]

A New Approach to Scrap & Fluid Management in Aerospace

A worldwide manufacturer of complex metal components for the aerospace industry needed to achieve maximum recovery of its cutting fluids from scrap material that was being machined at its facility in the Pacific Northwest. Additionally, the company wanted to receive a higher value for its scrap by removing the maximum amount of coolant possible from the material, as well […]

Aerospace Components Manufacturer Turns Its Waste Stream into a Revenue Stream with a PRAB Dualpak Briquetter and Guardian Coolant Recycling System

CHALLENGE With the combination of the briquetter and a crusher ahead of it, the company was able to efficiently and significantly reduce the bulk density of its scrap material. Instead of dumping the contents of the hopper directly into an outside container, the forklifts now deposited the scrap material into the briquetter, which uses dual compression technology to […]

Ultrafiltration Reclaims Oily Process Water; Reducing Operating Costs and Environmental Impact

CHALLENGE An industry-leading manufacturer of industrial-grade fastening systems discovers a better way to recycle washwater – reducing fresh water consumption by 130,000 gallons annually and reclaim machining oil by using PRAB’s Ultrafiltration System.     An industry-leading manufacturer of industrial-grade fastening systems located in the Southwest United States, produces durable fasteners for operation in extreme conditions. […]

Wear Abatement Strategies are a Cost Saving Component of Capital Equipment Purchase

CHALLENGE The metalworking industry, like many other manufacturing market segments, has been forced to scrutinize capital equipment purchases in an effort to squeeze the most from a tight capital project budget with short expected returns.     Often, pre-project planning and equipment evaluation do not take into account the long-term operational effects of rugged operating conditions, […]

Pratt & Whitney Adds 26 TOS To Middletown Facility

Challenge Aircraft engine manufacturer uses non-standard sump sizes which makes it difficult to change out coolant from the sumps and reduce odors and bacteria. Customer Pratt & Whitney Industry Aerospace Products Tramp Oil Separators, Automatic Air Sparger Business Benefits Realized Reduces new fluid purchase costs Reduces cost of washwater detergents, heating and disposal ROI in less than one year Separated […]

Martin-Baker Turns Scrap Metal and Fluid into Revenue Stream

CHALLENGE Aerospace manufacturer needs a chip and fluid processing system to keep up with its machining demands by reducing the volume of metal turnings and to recover expensive cutting fluids for reuse. CUSTOMER Martin-Baker INDUSTRY Aerospace PRODUCTS Dualpak™ Briquetter, Steel Belt Conveyor     Business Benefits Realized Increased metal scrap value in the form of high-density, dry […]

C&A Tool Increases Profitability, Maintains Clean Facility With Chip Processing System

CHALLENGE A machining supplier needs an automated chip and fluid processing system to process metal turning and chips, while simultaneously capturing expensive cutting fluids for reuse. CUSTOMER C&A Tool Engineering, Inc. INDUSTRY Machining PRODUCT Diagonal-Shaft Wringer Steel Belt Conveyor Screw Conveyor Tramp Metal Separator Vertical Axis Crushers       C&A Tool Engineering, Inc. is […]