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Steel Belt Conveyors

Application Review: Full-Service Recycler Increases Profits with Orbital Load-Out System

CHALLENGE Metal scrap recyclers face a mountain of business risk and volatility. In addition to fluctuating commodity prices, metalworking companies don’t collect scrap in their facilities efficiently. This means customer pick-ups are more frequent, containers are filled unevenly and with air pockets, and the return is reduced.     Forward-Thinking Scrap Recycling Improves Partnerships and Margins […]

Case Study: Martin-Baker Turns Scrap Metal and Fluid into Revenue Stream

CHALLENGE Aerospace manufacturer needs a chip and fluid processing system to keep up with its machining demands by reducing the volume of metal turnings and to recover expensive cutting fluids for reuse. CUSTOMER Martin-Baker INDUSTRY Aerospace PRODUCTS Dualpak™ Briquetter, Steel Belt Conveyor     Business Benefits Realized Increased metal scrap value in the form of high-density, dry […]

Case Study: C&A Tool Increases Profitability, Maintains Clean Facility With Chip Processing System

CHALLENGE A machining supplier needs an automated chip and fluid processing system to process metal turning and chips, while simultaneously capturing expensive cutting fluids for reuse. CUSTOMER C&A Tool Engineering, Inc. INDUSTRY Machining PRODUCT Diagonal-Shaft Wringer Steel Belt Conveyor Screw Conveyor Tramp Metal Separator Vertical Axis Crushers       C&A Tool Engineering, Inc. is […]

Case Study: Cashing in Your Chips

The Challenge Kalamazoo, Mich., February, 2015 – Featured in Modern Machine Shop Magazine. The more chips a company cuts, the better. But once the output reaches a certain volume, it may be time to look beyond traditional disposal methods toward more efficient systems.   New chip processing equipment, linked with coolant filtration systems, can raise the value of […]