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The Benefits and Proof Behind Metal Scrap and Fluid Handling Equipment

CNC drilling machine creates scrap and fluid that can be recycled

Without processing metal scrap and recycling cutting fluids in-house, metalworking operations do not get the maximum value for their chips from the scrap dealer and cutting fluids are substantially wasted. However, with the right scrap and fluid handling equipment metal scrap can be a great source of revenue and recycled fluids can drastically cut the costs of new fluid purchases, resulting in great savings.

Chip Processing Benefits and Proof

With metal chip processing equipment stringy wads of chips are broken down into small shovel-grade chips which allow for a higher pay load per container, which means lower haul-away costs. In addition, systems like a wringer/centrifuge separate chips from fluid offering a higher value from the metal recycler.

With the addition of a briquetter system, one aerospace manufacturer earned 25 cents more per pound for their aluminum scrap. This scrap produced 90% solid pucks when condensed which were then able to more fully maximize the 40,000-lb. capacity trailer used for haul-away.

PRAB Briquetter System Separates Chips from fluid

Another example is with an automotive manufacturer who installed a wringer/centrifuge to remove oil from steel scrap. This solid/liquid separation system enabled the operation to recover 98% of its oil for reuse and also increase the scrap value going to the recycler by 28%.

Fluid Recycling Benefits and Proof

Cutting fluids that are left to sit cause tramp-oil issues like foul smells, possible environmental hazards, and even dermatitis in workers. In addition, cutting tool life is cut shorter because they wear out faster when exposed to dirty coolant. If not recycled these fluids produce tons of waste that must be hauled-away. By updating an existing inefficient recycling system or installing a new fluid recycling system these issues can be solved.

An in-house machine side or centralized fluid recycling system filters spent fluids and removes contaminates so that they can be repurposed back into the process, lowering haul-away costs and significantly reducing new fluid purchases.

PRAB Fluid Recycling Systems effectively filter fluid to remove contaminants

As an example, an Ontario, Canada-based aerospace manufacturer replaced an existing coalescence system with a new centralized fluid recycling system. As a result, its new coolant purchases decreased by 75% and significantly lowered haul-away costs to dispose of the dirty fluid.

Metal Scrap Conveyors Benefits and Proof

Metal scrap conveying equipment is proven to dramatically improve production efficiencies. Conveyors can move sharp metal scrap automatically from point of production to load-out, which eliminates manual scrap handling—lowering labor related costs and improving workplace safety.

One example of increased efficiency in the shop is a parts manufacturing operation who installed new conveying equipment to reduce its downtime. By doing so, they were able to cut the time needed to complete a die change from 30 to 12 minutes.

Conveyor load-out systems provide even container fill and greater pay-load at haul-away


Metal scrap processing, fluid recycling, and conveyor systems all are proven to help metalworking operations increase revenue, create efficiencies, and reduce waste. To identify the best system that will produce maximum benefits in your operation, consult with an experienced PRAB Metal Scrap and Fluid handling expert.