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Steel Belt Conveyors

Product Brochure: PRAB Steel Belt Conveyors

Download       Conveyors Still Operating in the Field After 57 Years   Metalworking’s Most Versatile Belt Conveyor More versatile than other types of conveyors, the PRAB Steel Belt Conveyor can be used to handle any type of metal scrap- from bushy material to chips and turnings, wet or dry- in any volume and in a wide variety of […]

Blog: How PRAB Conveyors Can Keep Slips and Falls to a Minimum

There isn’t an employer in existence that shouldn’t consider slips and falls to be a significant safety concern in its facilities. In an article about overlooked hazards and risk zones in the workplace, Facility Executive magazine cites some sobering numbers: Same-level slip and fall accidents are the leading cause of workplace injuries and totaled almost 200,000 in 2015, according to […]

Blog: Stick a Fork in Your Forklift Problem with Engineered Conveying Systems

The forklift truck is a common piece of equipment for many industrial manufacturing operations that need to move enormous amounts (read: tons) of material from point A to point B, day in and day out. Most of these operations probably feel like they can’t live without forklifts. However, the convenience and expediency they provide in addition to sparing workers the […]

Blog: Automating the Chip Removal Process with PRAB Conveyors

“Keeping up with high Q rates” sounds like the title of a reality TV show. It’s definitely an important aspect of any industrial manufacturing operation that puts a priority on optimizing output. If the goal is to machine as many parts as possible in the shortest amount of time to maximize profitability, a high material removal rate (Q) is critical […]

Blog: The Importance Of Design Elements In Maximizing The Life Of Your Steel Belt Conveyor

Steel belt conveyors have been relied upon in the stamping industry for hundreds of years. The reason for this is because of the way steel belt conveyors automate the scrap handling process, and for the specific ways in which they can be designed to mitigate wear of the conveyor and any unplanned downtime associated with that wear. Typically in […]

Blog: Why Wear Abatement Strategies Are Necessary

Although any good equipment design will incorporate some sort of safety factor for wear, more application-specific details should be shared with the design engineer. This will ensure less wear, better value, and a longer lasting piece of equipment. Some key application details to share with the design engineer for equipment in the metal scrap handling industries are: Specific alloy […]

Technical Brief: Critical Design Elements for Maximizing the Life of Under Press Steel Belt Conveyors

CHALLENGE As Press technology has expanded to meet the changing demands of customers in the automotive, aerospace, defense, and construction equipment sectors, the reliability and robust nature of the steel belt conveyor design remains one of the most efficient methods for the transfer of flat metal stamping scrap. The increased demands on stampers to achieve tighter […]

Case Study: Metalworking Company Finds Increased Asset Utilization by Focusing on Scrap Management

Project Summary Automated Scrap Handling Improving workflow Centralized Scrap Management System Enhancing productivity Under Press Conveyors Optimizing asset utilization Customized Conveyors for Existing Pits Reduced capital expenditure, and minimized labor requirement Challenge A Metalworking Company that produces heavy gauge stamped metal fasteners, progressive die metal stampings, and high value added assemblies for customers in automotive, heavy truck, military, […]

Application Review: Mobile Conveyor Helps a High-Volume Stamping Operation Improve Production and Increase Safety

Application Summary Collaborative Design Enhancing workplace safety Automated Scrap Handling Saved 18 minutes per die change Centralized Scrap Management System Enhancing productivity Traversing Conveyors Optimizing plant space Challenge A stamping operation at a custom parts manufacturing plant near Detroit, Michigan, USA needed to improve their scrap handling process. The stamping operation had a 1,000 ton press […]

Application Review: A Die Cast Company Improves Melting Process and Cuts Operating Expenses

CHALLENGE A die cast company in the Midwest contracts with automotive and other industrial OEM companies to design and manufacture die cast parts from Aluminum, Zinc, and Plastic. The die caster recognized the need to improve the efficiency of their Aluminum remelt processes.     The Die Cast industry as a whole has seen shrinking profit […]