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Product Brochure: PRAB Coolant Manager

Download     Proven to Kill 99.9% of Coolant Bacteria The Strongest Known Oxidant Available for Bacteria Control The most common cause of coolant failure is rancidity. Until now, the only remedy has been to add liquid biocide to the solution or have it hauled away. The Coolant Manager is the safe, economical way to provide constant bacteria control. Ozone […]

Product Brochure: Automatic Coolant Concentration Control AC

Download     Automatic Coolant Concentration Control Automatically control the concentration of coolant in your Guardian™ Coolant Recycling System The AC3 Fluid Monitor is an economical in-line process refractometer. The unit’s simple design has only one piece: a detection unit with an affixed digital display. Instead of interrupting an automated process, the embedded processor tests for Brix continuously while the […]

Product Brochure: PRAB Drum-Type Scraper Separator

Proven Reduction of New Fluid Purchases Up to 75% Lower Your Maintenance Costs & Boost Your Bottom Line PRAB Drum-Type Scrap Separators provide high-quality separation that is applicable to aluminum, non-ferrous, and composite materials. The unit does not consume any filtration materials, savings that go directly to your bottom line.   Top Features & Benefits: Increases […]

Product Brochure: PRAB Industrial Oil Water Separators

Proven to Reduce Haul-Away Costs Up to 90% Proven Method for Fluid Reclamation The PRAB Oil/Water Separator uses a proven coalescing method for gravity separation of oil from water to less than 15 ppm. This system is designed to meet and exceed all performance requirements of U.S. Coast Guard 46CFR162.050 and IMO Resolution A393 (X) of […]

Product Brochure: PRAB Ultraviolet Technologies

Proven to Reduce Haul-Away Costs Up to 90% Destroys up to 99.9% of Waterborne Microorganisms PRAB’s line of Ultraviolet (UV) systems for water purification are an environmentally friendly alternative to chlorine disinfection and have no disinfection byproducts (DBP’s). Used with other forms of filtration, such as reverse osmosis (RO) and ozone systems are compact in size. […]

Product Brochure: PRAB Ozone Generators

Destroy Up to 99.9% of Waterborne Microorganisms The Most Powerful Commercial Oxidant PRAB Ozone Generators are used for all types of industrial water applications—from recirculated washwater to bacteria control in water-based metal working lubricants and parts rinsing operations. Water treated with ozone does not contain any chlorinated compounds that require further treatment prior to disposal. Destroy […]

Product Brochure: PRAB Evaled Vacuum Evaporation

Proven to Reduce Water Costs Up to 99% Evaporation and Crystallization-a Clean Solution For 30 years, EVALED® Evaporators and Crystallizers have provided industrial water and wastewater treatment solutions throughout the world. EVALED heat pumps, hot/cold water evaporators, and mechanical vapor recompression (MVR) units offer clean technology for a wide range of industrial applications.   EVALED Applications […]

Product Brochure: Evaled® Evaporation Technology

Proven to Reduce Water Costs of Up to 99% Evaporation Solutions for Industrial Water & Wastewater Treatment     Backed by the PRAB Difference     Evaled Evaporation Technology Reduce Washwater & Detergent Cost Up to 75% Evaporation is not only a natural phenomenon, but also a clean separation technology that has been recognized as a […]

Product Brochure: PRAB Reverse Osmosis Systems

Proven to Reduce Water Costs Up to 99% Removes up to 99.5% of Dissolved Salts and Virtually all Colloidal and Suspended Matter PRAB Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems effectively remove dissolved salts, colloidal, and suspended matter from the most challenging waste and feed water applications. It is typically used as a final process after ultrafiltration or chemical […]

PRAB Managed Maintenance Program

Proactively Prevent Component Failures, Major Repairs, and Unplanned Downtime Your PRAB equipment was robustly engineered to run trouble-free for years. But it must be properly maintained to prevent component failures and major repairs from causing unplanned downtime. To keep maintenance on track, start with a top-to-bottom inspection of your PRAB equipment by one of our […]