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PRAB Coolant Manager

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Proven to Kill 99.9% of Coolant Bacteria

The Strongest Known Oxidant Available for Bacteria Control

The most common cause of coolant failure is rancidity. Until now, the only remedy has been to add liquid biocide to the solution or have it hauled away. The Coolant Manager is the safe, economical way to provide constant bacteria control. Ozone is generated and injected directly into the coolant, which helps kill bacteria, yeast, fungus, and mold—eliminating sump odors and preventing dermatitis.

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Benefits of Ozone Treatment with the PRAB Coolant Manager:

  • Extended coolant life by up to 25%
  • Elimination of odors, clogged coolant lines, and slime in sumps
  • Decreased employee health issues
  • Safe, effective, and easy to use
  • Reduced biocide use
  • Oxidize bacteria, viruses, cysts, spores, hydrogen sulfate (egg odor), and many other organic and inorganic contaminants in water

Applications Include:

  • Water
  • Soluble Oils
  • Semi Synthetic Coolants
  • Synthetic Coolants
  • Alkaline Cleaners

Backed by the PRAB Difference


Documented to Extend Coolant Life Up to 25%


Simply plug the Coolant Manager into any 120-volt GFCI outlet and drop the air dispersion stone into the sump. When the ozone is injected into the fluid, it oxidizes bacteria and any organic material it comes in contact with, and then reverts back to oxygen.


Power Requirement
3,000 Gallons
8,500 Gallons

Why Ozone Treatment:

There are a few ways to try and eliminate, or lower the bacteria count within metalworking coolant. One method used most often is chemical treatment with biocides. Unfortunately, this is only a ‘band aid solution’-much like painting rusted metal. The chemicals do interfere with the bacteria’s metabolism, but once a biofilm has formed on the coolant, they won’t work. More importantly, biocides are dangerous to employees, expensive, reduce coolant life, and ultimately do not eliminate the problem.

Another method used in machining operations is skimming and filtration. These systems do work as part of a fluid management program, but do not eliminate the bacteria without ozone treatment. The only effective solution is to add an ozone generator to these systems.

Unlike the alternative methods, the PRAB Coolant Manager (ozone generator) breaks down the organic matter by breaking through the cell membrane and interfering with the bacteria cell’s metabolism-killing the bacteria—keeping the coolant healthy and extending its life.

Ozone is produced in nature when the ultraviolet rays of the sun strike the oxygen molecules. When this occurs high in the atmosphere, it creates what we know as the “ozone layer.” Because the oxygen molecules absorb the sun’s energy, people on Earth are protected from the damaging and potentially cancer-causing rays of the sun. The Coolant Manager uses a process very similar to the sun to create ozone safely and efficiently.

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