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Oil Water Separators

Case Study: Ford Utilizes TW’s To Reduce High Tramp Oil Levels

CHALLENGE Automaker suffers with production downtime and reduction in productivity due to excessive build-up over time of tramp oil from machining centers. CUSTOMER Ford Motor Company INDUSTRY Automotive PRODUCT Tramp Oil Separator, Magnetic Separators, Mobile Separator Business Benefits Realized Longer tool life of CNC machine Reduced maintenance requirements Consistant tramp oil levels which increase production When the “Big Three” automakers […]

Application Review: Automotive Supplier of Metal Fasteners Achieves Labor Savings with Improved Quench Tank Oil Removal Process

CHALLENGE A global manufacturer of metal fasteners for the automotive industry was faced with an operating challenge of improving labor allocations and enhancing cost centers while maintaining tight delivery times under swelling customer demand for its fasteners.     The company identified the heat treat process as an area where upgrades and process changes could be made to […]