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Ultrafiltration System Pays For Itself In Less Than 6 Months

CHALLENGE Brake components manufacturer needs an alternative method of disposing thousands of gallons of wash water and cleaner a week at a hefty cost. CUSTOMER Eaton Corporation INDUSTRY Automotive PRODUCT Wastewarrior Ultrafiltration System     Ultrafiltration System Pays For Itself In Less Than 6 Months   Business Benefits Realized Oily wastewater volume reduced Reduces cost of washwater detergetns, […]

Tramp Oil Separator Extends Washwater Life

CHALLENGE Specialty fastner manufacturer needs to combat the rapid contamination of washwater caused by a constant accumulation of tramp oil which reduces the cleaning efficiency of the wash solution. CUSTOMER Industrial Nut INDUSTRY Nuts and Fasteners Manufacturer PRODUCT Tramp Oil Separator Business Benefits Realized Reduces costs of new tramp oil Washwater is continuously recycled, eliminating contamination Industrial Nut, a specialty […]

Ford Utilizes TW’s To Reduce High Tramp Oil Levels

CHALLENGE Automaker suffers with production downtime and reduction in productivity due to excessive build-up over time of tramp oil from machining centers. CUSTOMER Ford Motor Company INDUSTRY Automotive PRODUCT Tramp Oil Separator, Magnetic Separators, Mobile Separator Business Benefits Realized Longer tool life of CNC machine Reduced maintenance requirements Consistant tramp oil levels which increase production When the “Big Three” automakers […]

Presmet Corporation Benefits From PRAB HUF-VIB System

CHALLENGE Parts manufacturer needs a solution for disposing waste by-products into the local sewer system. CUSTOMER PresMet Corporation INDUSTRY Parts Manufacturer PRODUCTS Ultrafiltration Vibratory System Business Benefits Realized Wastewater volume reduction Reduces detergents and disposal costs System payback in less than two years System effluent water can be discharged to sewer or reused Simple automatic operation requires little attention and […]

Auto Parts Manufacturer Reduces Coolant Purchase Costs and Eliminates Used Coolant Disposal in First 12 Months

Challenge When Ogura Corporation, a Detroit based parts manufacturer, was faced with the dilemma of excessive coolant consumption, PRAB’s Fluid Filtration division was able to offer the optimal solution: Coolant Recycling.     Ogura’s primary business activity is the manufacture of air conditioner parts for the automotive industry. One of their major customers is the Ford Motor Company. […]

Metalworking Company Finds Increased Asset Utilization by Focusing on Scrap Management

Project Summary Automated Scrap Handling Improving workflow Centralized Scrap Management System Enhancing productivity Under Press Conveyors Optimizing asset utilization Customized Conveyors for Existing Pits Reduced capital expenditure, and minimized labor requirement Challenge A Metalworking Company that produces heavy gauge stamped metal fasteners, progressive die metal stampings, and high value added assemblies for customers in automotive, heavy truck, military, […]

Iowa Industrial Hydraulics Reduces Coolant Waste by 90% with Installation of a PRAB Guardian 400

CHALLENGE Concerned with various problems associated with water soluble coolants, including rising costs and foul sump odors, Iowa Industrial Hydraulics developed a coolant management system featuring PRAB’s Guardian 400 to recycle spent coolant and reduce fluid purchase costs by 60%.     During the late 1980’s, Iowa Industrial Hydraulics, like many other manufacturers, was experiencing various problems with […]

Pratt & Whitney Adds 26 TOS To Middletown Facility

Challenge Aircraft engine manufacturer uses non-standard sump sizes which makes it difficult to change out coolant from the sumps and reduce odors and bacteria. Customer Pratt & Whitney Industry Aerospace Products Tramp Oil Separators, Automatic Air Sparger Business Benefits Realized Reduces new fluid purchase costs Reduces cost of washwater detergents, heating and disposal ROI in less than one year Separated […]

Martin-Baker Turns Scrap Metal and Fluid into Revenue Stream

CHALLENGE Aerospace manufacturer needs a chip and fluid processing system to keep up with its machining demands by reducing the volume of metal turnings and to recover expensive cutting fluids for reuse. CUSTOMER Martin-Baker INDUSTRY Aerospace PRODUCTS Dualpak™ Briquetter, Steel Belt Conveyor     Business Benefits Realized Increased metal scrap value in the form of high-density, dry briquettes […]

C&A Tool Increases Profitability, Maintains Clean Facility With Chip Processing System

CHALLENGE A machining supplier needs an automated chip and fluid processing system to process metal turning and chips, while simultaneously capturing expensive cutting fluids for reuse. CUSTOMER C&A Tool Engineering, Inc. INDUSTRY Machining PRODUCT Diagonal-Shaft Wringer Steel Belt Conveyor Screw Conveyor Tramp Metal Separator Vertical Axis Crushers       C&A Tool Engineering, Inc. is a premier […]