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Product Brochure: PRAB E-Series Chip System



Compact System Ideal For Smaller Shops

Produce 98% Dry Chips and Reclaim Cutting Fluid for Increased Waste Value

The PRAB E-Series Chip System is a dependable, fully automated system for reclaiming valuable cutting fluid from wet metal chips and turnings. This compact unit was designed for small to medium material volumes and can process Alu¬minum, Brass, Cast Iron, Steel or Stainless Steel. The system will provide you a fast return on investment and is delivered ready to go.

PRAB E-Series Chip System |


Standard Features & Benefits

  • Recycle flowable wet metal chips and turnings and reclaim cutting fluids
  • Completely self contained and forklift portable
  • Produces up to 98% dry chips in wringer with 600 G’s of force
  • Extended service life with exclusive wringer reversing feature
  • Screw conveyor meter feeds system
  • Discharge screw conveyor elevates processed chips for disposal
  • 50 gallon fluid recovery tank
  • User friendly PLC controls with touchscreen HMI
  • Occupies just a 4’ x 10’ area



PRAB E-Series Chip System

Compact System Ideal For Smaller Shops

PRAB E-Series Chip System Optional Features

  • Shredder to reduce turnings into flowable chips
  • Separator to remove bar ends and solids from chip flow
  • Recirculating drag conveyor that automatically cleans the fluid recovery tank

Nominal Chip Throughput

Nominal Chip Throughput |


Infeed View |

Infeed view shown with optional shredder and separator

Discharge Conveyor |

Available with front discharge conveyor configuration


Standard Configurations (Shown with all options)

Standard Configurations |


Why a Diagonal Shaft Wringer?

It is more efficient! More than 600 G’s of centrifugal force assures a continuous movement of chips while it removes up to 98% of the moisture. In addition, PRAB’s exclusive reversing feature extends the service life and lowers overall maintenance costs.

Diagonal Shaft Wringer |