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PRAB E-Series Chip System

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Proven to Increase Scrap Value Up to 25%

Produce 98% Dry Chips and Reclaim Cutting Fluid for Increased Waste Value

The PRAB E-Series Chip System is a dependable, fully automated system for reclaiming valuable cutting fluid from wet metal chips and turnings. This compact unit was designed for small to medium material volumes and can process Aluminum, Brass, Cast Iron, Steel or Stainless Steel. The system will provide you a fast return on investment and is delivered ready to go.

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Standard Features & Benefits

  • Recycle flowable wet metal chips and turnings and reclaim cutting fluids
  • Completely self contained and forklift portable
  • Produces up to 98% dry chips in wringer with 600 G’s of force
  • Extended service life with exclusive wringer reversing feature
  • Screw conveyor meter feeds system
  • Discharge screw conveyor elevates processed chips for disposal
  • 50 gallon fluid recovery tank
  • User friendly PLC controls with touchscreen HMI
  • Occupies just a 4’ x 10’ area
“PRAB has truly helped us get more money for our waste metal and improve our process efficiency and safety.”

– Tom Dyment, Project Manager Ingersoll Tillage Group


Backed by a PRAB 100% Performance Guarantee


Compact System Ideal for Smaller Shops


PRAB E-Series Chip System Optional Features

  • Shredder to reduce turnings into flowable chips
  • Separator to remove bar ends and solids from chip flow
  • Recirculating drag conveyor that automatically cleans the fluid recovery tank
  • Auto lube system for automatic greasing of bearings
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In-feed view shown with optional shredder and separator

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Available with front discharge conveyor configuration


Standard Configurations (Shown with all options)

PRAB E-Series Chip Processing System Brochure Configurations |
Nominal Chip Throughput
750 lbs/hr
600 lbs/hr
250 lbs/hr
Cast Iron
800 lbs/hr

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