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Product Brochure: Vertical Axis Crusher



Reduce Turnings Into Shovel-Grade Chips

Maximize Storage Space and Reduce Transportation Cost of Metal Scrap

The PRAB Vertical Axis Crusher (VAC II) provides continuous, positive feed operation for high volume scrap reduction on the plant floor. Nested wads of metal turnings take up valuable floor space, are a safety hazard and have reduced scrap metal recycling value due to added processing costs. The vertical axis crusher is one of the most effective pieces of scrap metal processing equipment for quickly and safely creating flowable, thumbnail-sized chips from wads of turnings.

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System Benefits:

  • Maximized storage space
  • Reduced transportation costs
  • Reduced scrap volume up to a 6:1 ratio
  • Prevents equipment damage by ejecting occasional solids
  • Increases efficiency by recycling cutting fluids
  • Reduces housekeeping maintenance
  • Maximizes labor allocations
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VAC II Components

  1. Feed Hopper
  2. Cast Alloy Crusher Hopper
  3. Fixed Cast Cutters
  4. Rotating Feeder Arm with Hardened Steel Cutter
  5. Rotating Cutting Ring
  6. Solids Ejector
  7. Discharge Chute
  8. Motor
  9. Friction Clutch
  10. Gearbox
  11. Cog Drive Belt

VAC II Operation

Metal turnings are fed into the VAC’s feed hopper (#1 above) which directs the material down into the crusher’s cast alloy hopper (#2 above). Fixed cast cutters (#3 above) and the rotating feeder arm (#4 above) reduce the turnings to small pieces. Final crushing is done as the material passes between the fixed cutter ring and the rotating cutter ring (#5 above).

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VAC II Operation |

VAC II Automatic Solids Ejection Feature

Under normal operation the solids ejector is closed. When an occasional solid is encountered, the ejector snaps open allowing the solid to be discharged. The ejector automatically closes for continued operation.

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