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PRAB Metal Turnings Shredders

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Up to 4x the Metal Turnings Volume Reduction
Reduce Metal Turnings to Flowable Chips

PRAB Metal Turnings Shredders reduce volumes or metal turnings by shredding them into flowable chips for higher value when sending to the recycler. Units are a safe and cost-effective way to process all types of steel turnings and other metalworking scrap– using less space for storage and creating safer work areas. PRAB’s Metal Shredders are available as System-Integrated Shredders (SMD models) for use with chip processing or transporting systems or as stand-alone Horizontal Axis Shredders (HAS) unit for volume reduction at the source.

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Top Benefits:

  • Provides uniform, high density, flowable chips
  • Reduces turnings volume up to 4x
  • Improves housekeeping and minimizes scrap handling
  • Reduces scrap storage space requirements
  • Decreases haul-away frequency
Up to 4X the Volume Reduction |
Up to 4X the Volume Reduction

System Features:

  • Low-speed operation generates less heat and increases safety
  • Low noise level for a quieter work environment
  • Low speed/high torque reduces energy costs
  • Friction clutch protects drive-train components
  • Dual counter-rotating shafts with cast cutter disc and spacer combinations produce shearing, ripping and tearing action
  • Cutter discs and spacers are case-hardened steel
  • Automatic reversing feature
  • Externally mounted, standard T-frame motor
  • Shafts secured by double bearing housings
  • Bearings are non-self-aligning to prevent shaft flexing



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Reduce Metal Turnings to Flowable Chips

PRAB System-Integrated (SMD) Shredder Components

  • Large, dual meshing drive gears
  • Heavy steel plate frame
  • Drive motor
  • Gearbox
  • Fixed and rotating shredder blades
  • Guarded external belts
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System-Integrated Shredder (SMD) Operation:

Dual rotating shafts with blades are fed with a screw conveyor which originates from a feed hopper. Custom attachments to other kinds of feed systems are possible. Shredded material passes downward for disposal or for further processing downstream for removing cutting fluids.

System-Integrated Shredder (SMD) Operation |

Dual counter-rotating shafts with cast cutter disc and spacer combinations produce shearing, ripping and tearing action.


Stand-Alone Horizontal Axis Shredder (HAS) Operation:

Stand-Alone Horizontal Axis Shredder (HAS) Operation |

The Horizontal Axis Shredder (HAS) is an efficient solution for breaking up turnings and bushy wads of metal at the source, as a stand alone system.



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