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What Chips Say About the Overall Machining Process

Chip control issues often lead to shortened tool life, conveyor stoppages, poor surface finishes, and increase safety hazards—greatly reducing production time. However, there are ways to recognize these issues before they occur by paying attention to the appearance of the metal chips produced. Metal chips created during the machining process are often a great indicator of overall process conditions. The […]

Eliminating Soluble Heavy Metal Ions From Industrial Wastewater by Precipitation and Ultrafiltration

Download Introduction Today’s manufacturers should be keenly aware of the problems—and especially the penalties—associated with discharging industrial wastewater into sewage treatment systems. The removal of soluble heavy metal ions from wastewater is a common industrial treatment requirement in modern manufacturing.   Some of the processes that generate waste streams containing heavy metals are: Electroplating Electroless nickel plating Printed circuit […]

Ultrafiltration and Precipitation

Electroplating, electroless nickel plating, metal-forming operations, battery recycling and other such operations all generate wastewater containing soluble heavy metal ions. Ultrafiltration and precipitation are the most effective methods for removing these metal ions. Both help manufacturers avoid the costly consequences of non-treatment, that can include corrosion to systems, toxic pollutants passed into surface waters, sludge disposal, and more. Finding […]

Feasibility Study

Mechanical and surface treatment processes in the automotive, aviation, and appliances industries require large quantities of water and produce highly pollutant wastewater that cannot be discharged directly into the sewer without proper treatment. This requirement can easily increase a company’s operating costs. A feasibility study in each case for treatment of these wastes is recommended. This study was used for […]

Presmet Corporation Benefits From PRAB HUF-VIB System

CHALLENGE Parts manufacturer needs a solution for disposing waste by-products into the local sewer system. CUSTOMER PresMet Corporation INDUSTRY Parts Manufacturer PRODUCTS Ultrafiltration Vibratory System Business Benefits Realized Wastewater volume reduction Reduces detergents and disposal costs System payback in less than two years System effluent water can be discharged to sewer or reused Simple automatic operation requires little attention and […]