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Achieving Quantifiable Results Through Sustainable Manufacturing

After World War II, as the United States quickly transformed from an agricultural society to an industrial one and the start of the modern-day environmental movement had begun. In the first 25 years of this movement, the US spent more than $1 trillion to address environmental threats caused by commercial activities. Since that time, being environmentally responsible, has been […]

Green Engineering

Green Engineering How to Design More Profit into the Metalworking Operation By Ron Chapman, Systems Sales Manager & Teresa Phillips, Senior Marketing Specialist, PRAB   Introduction The green movement is not a new concept. In fact, the basic principles were well-known throughout Europe in the medieval era. However, it was the Industrial Revolution in Europe that […]

Implementing Smart Equipment In The Metalworking Industry

Automated Systems and Software Platforms Exist that Can Ease an Operation’s Transition to the Industrial Internet of Things       Introduction Smart technology has become a common, if not essential, part of our daily lives. Most people are familiar with smart technology—which is an acronym for Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology—in the […]

Evaporation Technology

Evaporation, or distillation, is a separation process that takes advantage of the changing physical states of water, or other solvents, from liquid to vapor. It is unique from other separation processes, in that the water is removed from the contaminants rather than the pollutants being filtered from the water. Before recent technological developments, the capital and energy requirements for […]

Cameron International Improves Profitability, Reduces New Coolant Purchases by Recycling Coolant with Guardian System

A4 CHALLENGE Petroleum flow equipment manufacturer needs to reduce the cost of purchasing expensive coolants, improve the quality of existing coolant to ensure longer tool life and a quality finish of the end product. CUSTOMER Cameron International INDUSTRY Petroleum Flow Equipment Manufacturer PRODUCT Guardian Coolant Recycling System   Business Benefits Realized Reduces new coolant purchases […]

Chip and Fluid Recovery at Mathews, Inc.

CHALLENGE Kalamazoo, Mich., July 20, 2014 – Featured in Modern Machine Shop Magazine. Mathews, Inc is a manufacturer of Bows and Archery Equipment. The company has been in business since 1992 starting with 26 people, growing to now over 400 full-time employees. Another recent expansion to a new 56,000 sq ft facility provided the added capacity necessary to […]

Ultrafiltration For Tumbling/Vibratory Deburring Applications

CHALLENGE Fabrication manufacturer has an issue with discharging tumbling water from two vibratory deburring systems. CUSTOMER Hartzell Manufacturing INDUSTRY Medical, Electronic and Bank Security PRODUCT Ultrafiltration System   Business Benefits Realized Saves water and reduces sewer costs Reduces the amount of chemical soap purchases Complies with environmental regulations Hartzell Manufacturing, an aluminum and zinc die caster, was having problems with […]

Parts-Cleaning Oily Wastewater Disposal Costs Reduced by Over 90% with Vacuum Distillation

CHALLENGE A global market-leading manufacturer of mechanical fastening systems and precision components needed to reduce wastewater disposal costs. The Italian facility serves diversified end markets, including the automotive, construction supply, electrical/electronics, aerospace and medical components industry. INDUSTRY Automotive Building Electronics Aerospace Medical PRODUCTS UTILIZED Evaled® Heat Pump Evaporator Please click on the link above to view full application […]

Presmet Corporation Benefits From PRAB HUF-VIB System

CHALLENGE Parts manufacturer needs a solution for disposing waste by-products into the local sewer system. CUSTOMER PresMet Corporation INDUSTRY Parts Manufacturer PRODUCTS Ultrafiltration Vibratory System Business Benefits Realized Wastewater volume reduction Reduces detergents and disposal costs System payback in less than two years System effluent water can be discharged to sewer or reused Simple automatic operation requires little attention and […]

Ultrafiltration Reclaims Oily Process Water; Reducing Operating Costs and Environmental Impact

CHALLENGE An industry-leading manufacturer of industrial-grade fastening systems discovers a better way to recycle washwater – reducing fresh water consumption by 130,000 gallons annually and reclaim machining oil by using PRAB’s Ultrafiltration System.     An industry-leading manufacturer of industrial-grade fastening systems located in the Southwest United States, produces durable fasteners for operation in extreme conditions. […]