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Fluid Filtration Management with a Recycling System

A sump is a pit or hollow that collects liquid. Cleaning this can be a dirty job for shops that don’t invest any time or the right equipment to get it done. Typically it consists of a lot of manual labor on the part of the workers; such as removing the sheet metal pieces, disconnecting hoses and electrical connections, followed by positioning a sludge-filled tank in the perfect spot to make sure there is room to access the machine.

After it is all clean, the shop workers need to haul away numerous buckets filled with cutting fluids, weighing 5 gallons a piece, to the machine and dump the fluid in the sump. This process can take over an hour which of course will reduce time producing.

Along with it being a pain to clean, especially after the procrastination to do so, it also degrades cutting tool performance and part quality.

In the Cutting Tool Engineering® March issue article, “Proper fluid management, filtration keep sumps cleaner,” industry experts discuss fluid management and investing the right fluid filtration recycling equipment to help make dirty sumps a not-so-dirty job for workers. PRAB’s very own Technical Direction, Tom Tripepi was quoted in the article speaking on the importance of fluid filtration recycling systems.

PRAB’s Guardian Coolant Recycling System is a fluid filtration system that removes tramp oils and suspended solids from contaminated coolant, allowing you to cut your coolant waste disposal costs by up to 90 percent.

In the article, Tom mentioned that payback from a fluid filtration recycling system is often measured in a few months to a year or so, and reports of savings on tooling costs have been known to hit 200 percent. But to be on the safe side, Tom always says customers will probably save at least 50 percent.

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