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How a Modern Coolant Recycling System Can Bring Big Benefits to Your Metalworking Operation

How a Modern Coolant Recycling System Can Bring Big Benefits to Your Metalworking Operation |


The arrival of a new year is often accompanied by resolutions to do things differently – and ideally, better. Re-evaluating processes and implementing new technology have become strategic pillars in the growth plans for a vast majority of North American companies. The willingness to embrace innovation and the ability to find efficiencies are critical components to achieving success.

Many experts are forecasting higher prices in 2018 for industrial commodities – the building blocks for millions of products and infrastructure, principally energy and metals – as well as raw materials for manufacturing. They expect those costs to continue to rise through the year 2021, with projecting a 16% jump in metal prices this year alone due to strong demand.

Industrial manufacturers can best serve their customers (and themselves) by using tools and equipment that improve the efficiency, lower the costs, and enhance the performance of operations. To do so, they must become more aggressive and deliberate in their investments. They need to continually look at ways to effectively manage production levels, inventory, capacity availability, and output quality. Whether it is finding ways to improve the work environment for employees, or identifying opportunities to recycle materials from an existing process, new thinking will result in new success if innovation is embraced and integrated into the operation.

The Challenging Characteristics of Coolant

This brings us to the subject of coolant. Metalworking and machining operations rely on a high-quality coolant level in order to beat the heat generated by high-speed tools working with raw materials. The coolant, a mix of concentrate and water, creates lubricity and assists with cooling the contact point between the tool and metal surface. Coolant also serves as a flush, moving away material fragments generated in the process.

While the vast majority of any coolant mixture is water, the concentrate is expensive and can pose a serious health hazard. Over time, the mixture can contain material fragments, bacteria and residual tramp oil deposits. This makes it less effective in providing lubricity and heat removal, leading to unnecessary tool degradation, tool failure, and expense.

In addition to the cost of replacing old coolant after it has exceeded its useful life, it must be appropriately disposed of with careful attention paid to local, state, and federal regulations. Non-compliance for coolant disposal can result in costly fines or even the complete shut-down of an operation.

Assign a Guardian to Your Process

The key for improving the environment, profits, tool life and employee working conditions rests in the adoption of a modern coolant recycling system. While centrifuges are effective, systems like the Guardian by PRAB are much more so. They require far less maintenance, which means less expense, minimal downtime, and reduced employee contact with hazardous coolants. By reducing material handling and maintenance concerns, it is easier to achieve ISO 14001 environmental compliance, which helps organizations identify, manage, monitor, and control their environmental issues in a holistic manner.

In addition, the Guardian’s versatile fluid collection points can remove tramp oil contamination and suspended solids from coolant, control bacteria, and adjust for optimal fluid concentrations.

From a bottom line standpoint, the Guardian’s positive contributions to your operation are numerous and impressive:

  • Improves tool life up to 209%
  • Reduces new fluid purchases up to 75%
  • Reduces waste disposal costs up to 90%
  • Delivers 100% ROI in 6 to 9 months

Adopting a coolant recycling system like the Guardian by PRAB is an easy resolution to make if you look at all of the data, all of the facts, and all of the benefits these modern innovations offer a metalworking operation. From a safer working environment to extraordinarily enhanced tool life and a quick, virtually guaranteed ROI, the benefits of recycling coolant with a PRAB Guardian system are impossible to ignore.

Click hereto learn more about the PRAB Guardian Coolant Recycling System and download a white paper that details all of the benefits this equipment can bring to your operation.