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How to Reduce Costs with a Coolant Recycling System

Companies can spend upwards of $100,000 each and every year on coolant. It is an expensive machining necessity that ensures longer tool life and a quality finish of the end product.

Not only is it costly to purchase coolants frequently, but it is even more expensive to waste the coolant due to bacteria forming, especially in warmer climates. When bacteria is present in coolant it causes it to go rancid in a very short amount of time – making it unusable for machining.

What is the solution you ask? It’s actually quite simple – purchase a coolant recycling system. I know spending more money after you’ve spent so much on wasted coolant seems absurd, but bear with me.

Coolant recycling systems will increase the longevity of the coolant through the elimination of the pesky bacteria that causes coolant to spoil. In addition to this, a coolant recycling system can also cut your waste coolant disposal costs up to 90% and your need to buy new coolant up to 75%.

That may sound too good to be true, but it isn’t, particularly with PRAB’s Guardian Coolant Recycling System. The fluid collection point removes tramp oils and suspended solids from contaminated coolant, controls bacteria, and adjust fluid concentration. This allows you to reuse your coolant over and over again – eliminating the need to frequently purchase new coolant. While the continuous overflow prevents your bacteria from going rancid.

“The Guardian system recycles used coolants by filtering solid contaminants down to 5 micron clarity and coalescing free-floating and mechanically dispersed oils to less than 1 percent,” notes Tim Hanna, Vice President of Business Development for PRAB’s Fluid Filtration line.

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One such company, Cameron International, a provider of flow equipment products, systems, and service to worldwide oil, gas, and process industries could see the potential benefits of purchasing a coolant recycling system. “We were experiencing excessive coolant usage due to heavy tramp oils at our machining centers,” states Chew Siew-Ling, Project Operations Manager at Cameron’s Malaysia plant.

After finding PRAB online, Cameron International made the move to purchase a Guardian Coolant Recycling System and never looked back. After the equipment had been installed and put to use for only a short time, Cameron International saw an improvement in profitability and reduction in waste disposal coolant costs, amongst other benefits. What other results did Cameron International experience with PRAB’s Guardian Coolant Recycling System? Click here to find out.