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From blogs, and technical briefs to case studies and application reviews – read and download some of our valuable examples of metalworking waste stream solutions, new technology and the challenges facing others in your industry with today’s material handling applications. To see how you can join our other customers who are profiting more from properly managing their scrap and fluid handling processes, contact us.

Pratt & Whitney Adds 26 TOS To Middletown Facility

Challenge Aircraft engine manufacturer uses non-standard sump sizes which makes it difficult to change out coolant from the sumps and reduce odors and bacteria. Customer Pratt & Whitney Industry Aerospace Products Tramp Oil Separators, Automatic Air Sparger Business Benefits Realized Reduces new fluid purchase costs Reduces cost of washwater detergents, heating and disposal ROI in less than one year Separated […]

Martin-Baker Turns Scrap Metal and Fluid into Revenue Stream

CHALLENGE Aerospace manufacturer needs a chip and fluid processing system to keep up with its machining demands by reducing the volume of metal turnings and to recover expensive cutting fluids for reuse. CUSTOMER Martin-Baker INDUSTRY Aerospace PRODUCTS Dualpak™ Briquetter, Steel Belt Conveyor     Business Benefits Realized Increased metal scrap value in the form of high-density, dry briquettes […]

C&A Tool Increases Profitability, Maintains Clean Facility With Chip Processing System

CHALLENGE A machining supplier needs an automated chip and fluid processing system to process metal turning and chips, while simultaneously capturing expensive cutting fluids for reuse. CUSTOMER C&A Tool Engineering, Inc. INDUSTRY Machining PRODUCT Diagonal-Shaft Wringer Steel Belt Conveyor Screw Conveyor Tramp Metal Separator Vertical Axis Crushers       C&A Tool Engineering, Inc. is a premier […]

Cashing in Your Chips

Challenge Kalamazoo, Mich., February, 2015 – Featured in Modern Machine Shop Magazine. The more chips a company cuts, the better. But once the output reaches a certain volume, it may be time to look beyond traditional disposal methods toward more efficient systems.     New chip processing equipment, linked with coolant filtration systems, can raise the value of […]