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Lithium-Ion Recycling Equipment


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KMC Global (dba Hapman, PRAB, Triple/S Dynamics, CDM Systems, and OVibra) is using decades of expertise to provide solutions for battery recycling operations.

The battery recycling process requires a variety of equipment to properly separate, capture, and refine metal ions. Experience in conveyors, process equipment, and process water solutions makes KMC Global the smart choice for these operations.

Liquid-tight conveyors like the PRAB ScrapVeyor™ are ideal for bulk material handling, while Reverse Osmosis, Ultrafiltration, and EVALED® Vacuum Evaporators address hydrometallurgical needs like removing suspended impurities or producing reusable distillate.

Drawing from years of experience in building material processing equipment, our team collects data and works with each customer on an individual basis. Contact us and find out how we can assist your battery recycling operation in meeting its specific objectives and requirements.


Battery Recycling Equipment