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PRAB Bundle Breaker


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Reduce Conveyor Downtime & Improve Safety

Tear Apart Stringy Bundles of Metal Scrap Before They Cause Delays


Conveyor systems using augers or steel belts are unable to grab hold of bulky wads of metal scrap—frequently failing to consistently move them from the in-feed hopper to downstream metal scrap processing equipment. The PRAB Bundle Breaker installs in a conveyor’s in-feed hopper where it automatically tears apart these stubborn wads before they can cause conveyor downtime, safety risks from manually breaking bundles apart, and delays in downstream processing.


PRAB's Bundle Breaker


Backed by the PRAB Difference

How the Bundle Breaker Works


The PRAB Bundle Breaker is installed in a conveyor’s in-feed hopper. The unit may be added to an existing conveyor or incorporated into a new PRAB metal scrap processing system.

When bushy wads of metal scrap are deposited into the hopper, the Bundle Breaker’s dual rotating cylinders agitate the material, tearing apart stringy wads of turnings.

The pre-conditioned material exits the Bundle Breaker onto the conveyor that can now effectively transfer the material to downstream processing equipment.



PRAB Bundle Breaker Specifications


  • Dual rotating cylinders loosen bulky wads of turnings to allow for effective processing in down-stream equipment
  • 3 HP, TEFC motor driving a speed reducer with mounted cover
  • Service tech for installation and programming included



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