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Ready to Lower Your Coolant Costs?

Ready to lower your coolant cost? |

What are my options for filtering and reusing cutting fluid?

There are many options available for filtering your spent cutting fluids. The solution will vary depending on the various factors of your specific application. PRAB offers a full line of equipment to choose from. Please contact one of our fluid filtration specialists to discuss your specific operational needs.

What are the results of proper fluid filtration?

  • Reduced fluid purchases up to 75%.
  • Decreased disposal costs up to 90%.
  • Extended tool life up to 25%.
  • Reduced spare parts and maintenance costs.
  • Improved component quality and employee health.

How much could I save with PRAB Fluid Filtration?


Finding the equipment ROI before purchase is crucial in determining how the savings and costs will compare to your current fluid management process. PRAB makes estimating your return easy through our free online ROI calculator, material testing, and thorough consultation.

With the PRAB ROI calculator you will be able to plug in just a few numbers and the calculator will automatically reveal your estimated payback period and savings.

  PRAB Guardian ROI Calculator Estimate Your Payback |

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