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PRAB Ultrafiltration Testing

PRAB Ultrafiltration Testing

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Invest your business capital with confidence using the PRAB two-step application feasibility, lab, and pilot test program. Laboratory results from a sample test are a snapshot in time of a particular process waste stream. In almost every case, no one sample is exactly the same as the next. The purpose of the pilot system is to advance from the laboratory report to real time results. Pilot testing will determine what the treatment success will be, removing all theoretical judgment while providing definitive results.

Step One – Independent Lab Testing

Provide PRAB with (3) three, 5- gallon samples of your wastewater (with applicable MSDS data information), complete the Lab Sample Request form, and we will do the rest. Within four to six weeks, we will provide a written evaluation of that sample, including before and after contaminant metals concentrations and reduction, suggested chemical treatment process complete with photos documenting the resultant water and waste sludge residue.

PRAB Demo Ultrafiltration Unit

PRAB Demo Ultrafiltration Unit



Step Two – Onsite Pilot Testing


Jars of Water

Jars of Water Before and After Going Through a PRAB Ultrafiltration Unit

The trial is a minimum of 1 month to a maximum of 3 months at a nominal cost per month. At the end of the trial period, 50% of the trial cost for up to 90 days can be applied to the purchase of a system to meet your production requirements. The trial cost includes onsite assistance within North America from PRAB once the pilot unit is installed ready for start-up.

Installation is easy requiring hook up of 460V/3/60Hz voltage – 30 Amp service, ¼” airline connection, ½” line from Customer’s Holding Tank to the PRAB System Supply Pump to bring dirty fluid to system and ½” line for Permeate (Clean Effluent) to Customer supplied tank or sewer discharge. Complete integrated system for easy installation.

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