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Product Brochure: PRAB ScrapVeyor II™



Eliminate Constant Pit Cleaning

Liquid-tight System to Collect, Transfer and Elevate Stamping Scrap

The PRAB ScrapVeyor II features leak-proof construction that retains 100% of fluids when moving stamping
scrap to its destination, and provides positive discharge for a clean operation. Combine this scrap conveyor with a
distribution system to maximize operational load-out efficiency.

Product Brochure: PRAB ScrapVeyor II™ |


System Features and Benefits:

  • Improved press-room productivity
  • Decreased forklift traffic
  • Positive discharge for a cleaner operation
  • Abrasion resistant replaceable steel liner
  • Overload protection
  • Convey all types of stamping scrap
  • Liquid tight construction, retains 100% of cutting fluids
  • Over 300 feet of uninterrupted performance
  • Single drag chain means fewer moving parts
  • 85% stronger 6” pitch chain (50,000/lb. chain pull capacity)
  • Larger rollers provide improved tracking
  • Rotating flight cams provide less friction
  • Heavy-duty cast flights and carrier brackets
  • Self-cleaning with discharge design
  • Higher capacity with closer flight spacing
ScrapVeyor Flight |

Close-up of ScrapVeyor II Flight


Options and Configurations:

  • Standard 24” x 24”, 30” x 30” and custom sizes available
  • Dual (double wide) ScrapVeyor II for extra capacity applications
  • Flat or V-trough configurations


Product Brochure: PRAB ScrapVeyor II |



Add a Distribution System for Maximum Container Fill and Load-out Efficiency

Beyond standard slide, and depending upon your needs, PRAB offers three methods to enhance load-out efficiency and maximize container fill of your stamping scrap.

Pivoting Swivel Chute |

(1) Pivoting Swivel Chute

(1) A pivoting swivel chute (automatic or manual) into several bins

(2) A tipping chute (automatic or manual) for a single full size trailer or two smaller containers, side-by-side

(3) An automatic shuttle conveyor chute system for even loading of dual full size trailers


Tipping Chute |

(2) Tipping Chute

Shuttle Conveyor Chute |

(3) Shuttle Conveyor Chute