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PRAB In-Floor Trough Conveyors

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Conveyors Still Operating in the Field After 57 Years

Liquid Tight Construction Ideal for High Volume, Coolant Flow Applications

PRAB In-floor Trough Conveyors transfer all types of metal chips, fines and turnings, wet or dry bushy wads and tramp metal solids with time and energy saving efficiency. The liquid-tight trough construction is ideal for high-volume coolant flow applications.

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System Features and Benefits:

  • Compatible with bushy turnings, chips, fines and tramp metals
  • Liquid-tight construction handles high volumes of cutting fluids
  • In-floor installation maximizes available plant floor space
  • Low power requirement
  • Easy maintenance – one moving part
  • Quiet operation
  • Prefabricated trough sections from 10’ to 20’
  • Ram sections available in 10’ lengths
  • Overall runs up to 500’
  • Low installation cost per foot
  • Optional safety cover plates
  • Height by width combinations range from 16” to 36”
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Intersection trough conveyors


“Our process of disposing metal scrap has become more ergonomic and safer.”

– Jack Rovan, Martin-Baker



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Proven to Raise Productivity Up to 60%

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standard deck plate

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heavy-duty deck plate

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Suspended in pit

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Pit mounted


Trough Models:

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Typical System Layout:

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