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Product Brochure: Die Cast Scrap Conveyor Systems



Automated Conveyor Systems For Die Casting Scrap

  • Reduces cost of labor
  • Improves productivity and housekeeping
  • Reduces safety hazards

More Than 60 Years Experience

Product Brochure: Die Cast Scrap Conveyor Systems |


Scrap Aluminum |

Scrap aluminum from die cast trim presses drop onto PRAB Oscillating Conveyors that feed onto dual underfloor centralized collection Oscillators.

PRAB Oscillating Conveyor |

The PRAB Oscillating Conveyor deposits scrap into a large 6” pitch Steel Belt Conveyor for elevation.


PRAB Steel Belt Conveyor |

The PRAB Steel Belt Conveyor elevates dry and wet scrap, chips and parts.

Scrap Discharges |

Scrap discharges onto a swivel chute that feeds PRAB Furnace Feeders equipped with replaceable stainless steel sections that extend into the melt area of the furnace.


PRAB's Furnace Feeders |

PRAB’s furnace feeders allow you to meter feed abrasive die casting metal scrap directly to your melting furnace.

PRAB Casting Cooler |

The PRAB Casting Cooler uses single or multiple cooling zones to cool hot die castings.



Typical In-Floor Layouts

Product Brochure: Die Cast Scrap Conveyor Systems |



Quench Conveyor |

Quench Conveyor:
A Quench Conveyor is excellent for applications where air cooling is not sufficient or practical. The Quench Conveyor can be installed in a pit or above the floor.

ScrapVeyor II Conveyors |

ScrapVeyor II Conveor:
Leak-proof constrution thatretains 100% of fluids when moving scrap. Positive discharge provides clean operation while eliminating carryover.


Casting Coolers |

Casting Cooler:
A Casting Cooler allows you to eliminate misting. Extended lengths are available with single and/ or multiple fan designs. The coolers run continuously or indexing.

Oscillating Scrap Conveyors |

Oscillating Conveyor:
Excellent for horizontal transfer of metal scrap or finished parts with no carry-over.


Furnace Feeders |

Furnace Feeder:
Meter feed abrasive die casting scrap directly to a remelt furnace. Integral heat shields and stainless steel discharge chutes extend into melt area, for safe, consistent discharge.

Steel Belt Conveyors |

Steel Belt Conveyor:
Metalworking’s most versatile belt conveyor. Heavy-duty and designed to convey large volumes of wet or dry metal scrap.