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Conveyor Solutions

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Proven To Raise Productivity Up To 60%
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Documented Results Achieved by PRAB Customers

Decreased Downtime

Downtime Before PRAB: 3-4 hours
Downtime After PRAB: 2 minutes

Safer Workplace

“Our process of disposing metal scrap has become more ergonomic and safer.”

– Jack Rovan, Martin-Baker
Long Lasting Equipment: Conveyors Still Operating in the Field After 57 Years

PRAB Conveyors are documented to lower maintenance and are built tough for long life. Scrap type and size, loading conditions and air temperature are all factors in determining a system’s longevity and we take all of these into consideration when we design.











Die Casting



Finished Parts

Pivot Belt Conveyors

No Carryover of Sticky Stamping Scrap

The unique design of the pivoting sections and the raised-dimpled Rigidized® steel belt ensure no carryover of sticky, oily pieces. (Plain belting is also available.) Its raised pusher flights keep material flowing as the seamless, one-piece pan collects waste fluid for safe disposal or recycling.


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PRAB's Steel Belt Conveyors |

Steel Belt Conveyors

Metalworking’s Most Versatile Belt Conveyor

Steel belt conveyors (available in open or completely sealed, oil-tight frames) efficiently move your dry and wet metal scrap, chips and parts. Choose from hinged or bedded pan styles with plain, perforated or dimpled belting.







Oscillating Conveyors

Convey Horizontally with Vibration

Durable springs deliver a steady, quiet flow and discharge. Troughs come in square or flared styles with a choice of smooth or optional raised-dimpled Rigidized® steel surface. Installs easily alongside presses or in a pit.





PRAB's Oscillating Conveyors |
“I used to work in a shop that had PRAB equipment and it ran 24/7, with very little maintenance. When it came time to look at scrap handling systems, I wanted to go with what I felt was the best.”
Gary Sroufe, C&A Tool
Backed by the PRAB Difference
Smart Equipment: Remote Notification System Alerts Minimize Downtime

PRAB’s smart-programming provides remote notification system alerts to minimize downtime and provides diagnostic-fault programming to make corrections without employee intervention. Email and text notifications are also available for conditions that the customer would like to monitor about the system.

ScrapVeyor II Conveyors

Liquid Tight Construction to Transfer All Types of Metal Scrap

This fully automated conveyor features a leak-proof construction that retains 100% of your cutting fluids. Larger rollers keep the chain on track and the rotating flight cams provide less friction for cooler, longer operation. Its V or flat trough features an abrasion-resistant, self-cleaning, raised-dimpled Rigidized® flight surface. Use in combination with a distribution system to maximize your operation’s load-out efficiency.




PRAB's ScrapVeyor II Conveyors |
PRAB's Harpoon Conveyors |

Harpoon Conveyors

Liquid Tight System Ideal for High Volume, Coolant Flow Applications

This conveyor’s liquid-tight trough construction is ideal for high-volume coolant flow applications. The free-floating ram design and abrasion-resistant steel liner minimize maintenance. Install the Harpoon easily below the floor (cast in place or pit-mounted) or specify an elevating design.



Magnetic Conveyors

Quiet Performance with No Carryover

Convey wet or dry ferrous chips, stamping slugs, stamping scrap or parts with no carryover. All models feature a rugged, longlife stainless steel slider bed with a smooth or raised-dimpled Rigidized® steel surface. Permanent ceramic magnets are standard; rare earth magnets are optional for heavyduty applications.






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PRAB's Drag Conveyors |

Drag Conveyors

Exclusive Bolt-Free Connections for Strength Under Grueling Conditions

The abrasion-resistant flight bars feature an exclusive bolt-free connection. The forged-steel, rivetless chain and liquid-tight, steel-pressed trough stand up to extreme conditions.


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Proven To Raise Productivity Up To 60%
PRAB's Screw Conveyors |

Screw Conveyors

Meter Feed a Wide Range of Wet or Dry Metal Scrap

These easy-to-operate and maintain conveyors collect, transfer, meter-feed or distribute machining scrap. They’re excellent solutions for metal shredder-feeding applications.



Shuttle Conveyors

Load-out Stamping Scrap with Even Distribution to Trailers or Railcars

This transversing, bi-directional steel belt conveyor’s continuous, back-and-forth operation provides even scrap distribution between dual large containers – something swivel chute systems cannot achieve. Automatic level sensors warn operator when the trailer is full.


PRAB's Shuttle Conveyors |
      PRAB's Pneumatic Conveyors Vacuum Systems |

Pneumatic Conveyors:
Vacuum Systems

Move chips and Unmanageable Metal Scrap with No Plant Air Required

This system’s powerful vacuum blower(s) delivers metal chips to a wringer, briquetter or load-out area with ease and efficiency. It even moves hard-tomanage scrap sizes and shapes to a Horizontal Axis Crusher. Installs in tight spaces and reconfigures easily if you add machining centers.

Pneumatic Conveyors:
Blower Systems

Transport Wet or Dry Metal Chips with Positive Air Pressure or a Vacuum System

Model 525 Chip Fans transfer dry aluminum chips to scrap trailers. The positive air system uses a PD pump or blower that can be fed by rotary air locks or eductors for multiple chip inputs. Negative Pressure Vacuum Systems pick up wet or dry chips at multiple points and deliver them to a central processing system. Cyclone Receivers reduce chip velocity as they are conveyed through the pneumatic system.


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Proven to Reduce Workplace Accidents Up to 25%
PRAB's Quench Conveyors |

Quench Conveyors

Improve Die Casting Consistency and Productivity

Liquid-tight quench conveyors are excellent where air-cooling is not sufficient or practical in your die cast, heat transfer, parts cooling or coating operation. Specify either a steel or magnetic belt and separate or integral, leakproof liquid tank. Chillers are also available to conserve water usage.





Casting Coolers

Ideal for Air Cooling of Hot Die Castings

Eliminate the misting and air-quality issues associated with water quench conveyors. Available with steel belt or an optional flat belt that promotes extra cooling for lightweight casting applications. Customize with a single fan or multiple cooling zones in a length to match your application.




PRAB's Casting Coolers |
PRAB's Furnace Feeders |

Furnace Feeders

Keep Operators Away from Melting Furnace

Use for continuous or batch feeding. Standard design comes with an oscillating steel trough and easily replaceable heat shields and discharge chute that extend into the melt area. Customizable to the size and configuration required.


“Our original process was very labor intensive and required constant attention,” said Sroufe. “It was not effective, far from automatic, and it certainly didn’t fit with our philosophy of having a clean, environmentally-friendly shop.” C&A Tool, Gary Sroufe, multi-spindle “go-to guy”
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Backed by the PRAB Difference

Long Lasting Equipment

We are still shipping parts for equipment we sold 57 years ago

Easy to Maintain

Over the last 10 years we have made 9 major design changes to improve serviceability

Industry Expertise

Published over 130 articles, white papers, case studies, technical briefs, and application reviews in the last 5 years

Accurate Documentation

Last year we sent over 1,500 customized manuals to our customers

PRAB's Team |

The PRAB team stands behind each piece of equipment. We put our equipment experts to work for you around the clock with our 24/7 direct access line, so that you can stay running efficiently, to give your business the competitive advantage it deserves.

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PRAB is dedicated to building robust equipment that meets the demanding needs of metalworking and manufacturing operations. We handle every aspect of customer care with zero outsourcing and a 100% operational guarantee, known as the PRAB Performantee®.

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