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Product Brochure: Stamping Scrap Conveyors & Systems



Stamping Scrap Conveyors & Systems

Automated Conveyor Systems For Metal Stamping Scrap

Complete In-Floor Systems |


Custom Engineered Systems |

Custom engineered systems are often needed to solve demanding applications. A plant floor clear of scrap is more productive.

ScrapVeyor II |

A PRAB exclusive, the Scrapveyor II™, elevates scrap with no carry over. The sealed housing keeps oil off the floor.


Typical In-Floor Layouts

Typical In-Floor Layouts |



Serving Metalforming Companies for Over 65 Years

Magnetic Conveyor |

An under-press Magnetic Conveyor contains and transfers scrap, without spillage, down to an in-floor Oscillator which also handles skeletal trim from a coil-fed scrap chopper.

Oscillator Conveyor |

Twin in-floor Oscillators with side discharge chutes merge sticky slugs and trim onto a Rigidized Pivot Belt to elevate and dynamically discharge scrap.


Steel Belt Conveyor |

The PRAB Heavy Duty Steel Belt Conveyor collects stamping scrap when no pit is available. The conveyor elevates and discharges into large scrap containers. Available on wheels for even faster die changes.

Load Out System |

A Load-Out-System provides even distribution into containers, making them an excellent choice for high volume applications. Systems are engineered for new spaces or integrated into existing infrastructure.


Typical In-Floor Layouts

Typical In-Floor Layouts |