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Application Review: Full-Service Recycler Increases Profits with Orbital Load-Out System

CHALLENGE Metal scrap recyclers face a mountain of business risk and volatility. In addition to fluctuating commodity prices, metalworking companies don’t collect scrap in their facilities efficiently. This means customer pick-ups are more frequent, containers are filled unevenly and with air pockets, and the return is reduced.     Forward-Thinking Scrap Recycling Improves Partnerships and Margins Metal scrap […]

Application Review: Chrome Plating Process Achieves Cost Reduction Through Zero Liquid Discharge

CHALLENGE A global manufacturer of automotive components was faced with rising costs related to waste disposal from a Chrome plating process used in a plant in Poland. The plant manufactures shock absorbers for passenger vehicles. The plating of the shocks adds corrosion resistance, increased surface hardness, and improves cleaning ability and overall appearance. INDUSTRY Automotive Manufacturing PRODUCTS UTILIZED Evaled® Heat […]

Application Review: Automotive Die Casting Plant Significantly Reduces Downtime with More Robust Conveyors and a Custom Diverter

CHALLENGE A die casting plant that manufactures all aspects of automotive transmissions, from die cast parts through final assembly, needed to reduce downtime associated with re-melting scrap material created during the casting process. The plant’s scrap output was as much as 20,000 lbs./hour, and the scrap sizes ranged from 1/4” pieces to 70-lb. transmission housings.       […]