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Semi-Permanent Media Vacuum Filters

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Proven to Improve Surface Finish by an Average of 27%

Remove Particulate Down to 10 Microns

PRAB’s Mon-A-Matic semi-permanent media vacuum filter uses a synthetic filter media to reduce operational costs while providing fine particulate removal.

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System Features:

  • Semi-permanent back flushable media eliminates cost of maintenance and disposable media
  • Removes particulate down to 10 microns
  • Backflushes with clean process fluid so no additional fluids or large volumes of air is required
  • Automatic drag-out conveyor for removal of solids
  • Completely self-contained system
  • Available in a variety of models to meet your specific capacity requirements
  • Can be used for water-soluble coolant and/or low viscosity oil applications

Top Benefits:

  • Prolonged coolant and tool life
  • Improved surface finish of the component
  • Machine downtime reduced by up to 50%
  • Continuous operation
  • Simple maintenance and operation

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Significantly Decrease Maintenance Costs

Mon-A-Matic System Operation:

Contaminated liquid enters the system through a specially designed inlet and is then held in a process tank. Heavy contaminants settle to the bottom of the tank and are removed via a drag-out conveyor. Suspended inside the tank are filter media manifolds. Vacuum pressure draws liquid through the filter media holding the particulate on the surface. Only clean liquid is allowed to pass through the media and into a clean process tank for return to the machining or grinding operations.

The system automatically senses when the filter media needs cleaning and performs a back-flush cycle. It then performs a back-flush cycle. Clean liquid is forced (via an air cylinder and diaphragm) through the filter to dislodge the filter cake. The filter cake then settles to the bottom of the process tank where it is removed by the drag-out conveyor. After the backflush cycle is completed, the filtering process will resume.

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Semi-Permanent Media Vacuum Filters Cycle |

During the process cycle, contaminated fluid is drawn up through the filter. Contaminates are held in the filter pleats.

Semi-Permanent Media Vacuum Filters Back Flush Cycle |

During the back-flush cycle, clean fluid is forced through the filter and contaminates are dislodged.

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Typical Layout of a Mon-A-Matic


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