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PRAB Steel Belt Conveyors

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Conveyors Still Operating in the Field After 57 Years


Metalworking’s Most Versatile Belt Conveyor

More versatile than other types of conveyors, the PRAB Steel Belt Conveyor can be used to handle any type of metal scrap- from bushy material to chips and turnings, wet or dry- in any volume and in a wide variety of conveyor paths.

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System Benefits:

  • Minimized scrap contact with operators
  • Reduced workplace accidents by up to 25%
  • Decreased forklift traffic
  • Low maintenance

System Features:

  • Extended service life with replaceable bushings
  • Interlocking side wings for efficient conveying of small pieces
  • Engineered to meet specific application requirements
  • Precision die-formed hinged sections for low maintenance
  • Three end configurations to match application requirements
  • Heavy-duty side frames
  • Available in 2-1/2”, 4”, 6” and 9” pitch


” I used to work in a shop that had PRAB equipment and it ran 24/7, with very little maintenance. When it came time to look at scrap handling systems, I wanted to go with what I felt was the best.”
– Gary Sroufe, C&A Tool



Backed by the PRAB Difference


Proven to Raise Productivity Up to 60%

System Options:

  • Drive can be mounted above, below or on the side of the conveyor
  • Custom skirts, chutes and hoppers to fit application requirements
  • Special side sections are available for height restrictions
  • Track and wear bars for precise belt tracking and longer life
  • Variable speed drive with overload protection
  • Pusher flights for positive material flow
  • Choice of open or closed frame construction (6” and 9” pitch only)
  • Casters, special supports and impact bars
  • Belt reinforcing impact plates
  • Skirts, chutes and hopper options
  • Auto lube system for automatic greasing of bearings
Optional Impact Plates |

Optional Impact Plates
9” Pitch Rollers |
9” Pitch Roller


Auto lube systems |

Optional auto lube systems for automatic greasing of bearings. Auto lube systems are designed to automatically supply a small quantity of clean grease or oil to bearings on a regular basis- improving bearing performance and eliminating maintenance required for manual greasing.


Conveyor Belt Types:

Hinged Steel Belt

An industry standard, this conveyor belt comes in smooth, dimpled or perforated styles (image left)

Beaded Pan Belt

Designed for high heat and heavy wear applications

PRAB Pivot Belt

A PRAB exclusive. This belt handles thin small chips and sticky scrap that would normally carry over. Available in 2-1/2” and 4” pitch only.

Hinged Steel Belts are available plain, dimpled or perforated |
Hinged Steel Belts are available plain, dimpled or perforated




  • Different elevation of discharge point
  • For use in filling larger containers
  • Used in overhead layouts


  • Different elevation of discharge point
  • For use in filling small containers


  • Horizontal or inclined layouts



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