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PRAB Load-Out System


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Conveyors Still Operating in the Field After 57 Years
Automate Final Load-out of Stamping Scrap, Die Scrap and Machining Scrap
The PRAB Load-out System completes the scrap handling process by moving it to distribution bins for haul-away to the recycler. This system provides efficient, automated, and even filling for maximum container fill.

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System Features and Benefits:

  • Maximum container fill
  • Automatic level sensors provide visual alert when full
  • Access platforms with safety railings meeting OSHA requirements
  • Heavy-duty PRAB steel belting
  • Frames are supported on hardened rail track and steel wheels
  • Open and closed framed designs
  • Integral scales assure containers are full, but do not exceed road weight limits
  • In-feed conveyor controls can be interlocked with process
  • Indexing and timed operating options are available
  • Optional 6” pitch heavy-duty open frame

Right Image: Optional auto lube systems for automatic greasing of bearings. Auto lube systems are designed to automatically supply a small quantity of clean grease or oil to bearings on a regular basis- improving bearing performance and eliminating maintenance required for manual greasing.

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Backed by the PRAB Difference


Proven to Provide Maximum Container Fill

Typical Configurations:

Shuttle with Pant-Leg Chute |
Shuttle with Pant-Leg Chute
Flip-Flop Diverter Chute |
Flip-Flop Diverter Chute


Swivel Chute |
Swivel Chute
Orbital Design |
Orbital Design



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